Healthy Marriages

In Provo, there are a lot of social entrepreneurs that are trying to find ways to use technology to connect and strengthen families. One of the new companies that just joined Provo Labs Academy is The founder, Aaron Larson, asked me if I would spread the word about the free pamphlets his company offers to help marriages become or stay healthy, so here goes:

Do you want to make a significant impact for good in the world today?
Then help strengthen the keystone of society. On average children,

Investor Meetings: by Referral Only

Most VCs don\’t have time to look at the thousands of unsolicited deals that are sent to them "over the transom," an interesting phrase defined by Wikipedia. Most only look at deals that are referred to them by people they know and trust.

So when VC Forum comes to your town looking for local deals that are promising, the Forum requires them to be submitted by a local VC firm that has of course screened the deals.

So local companies that want to pitch at the VC Forum events will need to have already gotten in front of credible people and started telling their story. You have to get noticed, you have to have a good team and a good story, and then you get the referral you are looking for. Alexa Chart

It is interesting to look at the 5-year Alexa chart of–a web site that was a high-flying pioneer in user generated content, photo sharing, free voice chat, and viral marketing; but which has been neglected in both development and marketing for nearly 5 years.