Governor Romney Interviewed by Bill O\’Reilly

I\’m trying to find a recent video clip from Fox News. I heard that Bill O\’Reilly suggested on The Factor earlier this week that Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the only Republican presidential candidate for 2008 that can rally the conservative base. Has anyone seen that clip?

I did stumble across this clip from last month where Governor Romney explained his decision to not provide taxpayer funded security for the controversial visit to Harvard by the former President of Iran. Powerful stuff here.

6 thoughts on “Governor Romney Interviewed by Bill O\’Reilly

  1. Paul,

    I think the root reference was in a speech Bill O’Reilly delivered to the Michigan Future Forum. I’ve gone back and looked at the last few weeks of “The Factor” and didn’t see any referencce. Interestingly, the speech was on Sept. 22 and Mr. O’Reilly had Mitt Romney on “The Factor” as a special guest three days prior (pre-empting his regular talking points). Here is a link to a PDF summary of the speech from the “MIRS Capitol Capsule.”

    On another occasion (Sept. 28), O’Reilly has said that he thinks Romney could beat Hillary Clinton in an election (in response to those who believe McCain is the only option for a 2008 victory). He said Rudy Giuliani could also beat Clinton head to head.

    While I’d love Romney as the Republican nominee for president, I still have him in my mind as a VP candidate. That belief is probably a defensive measure to not set my hopes too high. I’ve reviewed Romney’s public statements and watched hours of video of him speaking.

    He’s clearly a strong leader who could pull our nation together, as well as seek understanding and help provide real solutions around the world.

  2. Can’t find the video, but this post has the transcription of what you might be referring to. O’Reilly has mentioned Romney as his choice a few times now, so this might not be the exact one you’re looking for.

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