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Last year I wrote in Connect magazine that I would be trying a grand experiment in team building. I would be trying an idea I got from The Entrepreneur\’s Manual, a very popular book for entrepreneurs published in 1997. I would hold a 2-day retreat with a couple dozen executives to brainstorm, network, plan, and then vote on the Founders Team for

Sometimes I have too many ideas, so I can\’t get around to all of them. Sometimes ideas just go away. They stop bothering me. I almost always write every idea down, so that I won\’t forget them forever, but they stop getting current brainshare.

But this team formation idea has been popping up its head every month or so. So I\’ve decided to go ahead with it. Instead of a 2-day summit, we\’re going to try a 1-day retreat to a local cabin. The date will be Friday, October 20th. I\’m going to invite 15-20 friends developers, marketers, consultants, strategists, and entrepreneurs to meet for a day (probably from 9 am to 4 pm) to determine the future of

So far, I have invited several individuals who know about the mobile subscription business model and love it. 100% of the people invited so far have said they will come.

But since I don\’t know everyone (yet), I thought I should also blog about this Summit and invite others to apply to attend it. Even if you aren\’t looking for a new job, consider coming. We need advisory board members as well as a group of founders who can make this company happen.

If you are interested in being invited, please contact Pat Sheranian at 373-6565, our Provo Labs office manager, talk with her about your background and interest, and email her your resume. Or, email me your resume if you want. (paul \”AT\”

This will be a great networking event, and you\’ll meet some fantastic people and hear some very interesting discussions about the future of mobile location-based services, the delivery of text, audio and video content to cell phones and other mobile devices, and see the very beginning of what I hope turns into another Utah business success story.

The first half of the day will be devoted to Corporate Alliance type networking, where you will have a chance to meet every other attendee and connect with them on a personal level. After lunch, which will be provided, we\’ll break into teams and do some planning and brainstorming.

Finally, there will be some sharing of the best ideas and plans of the day, and we\’ll have a discussion about how to form and fund a new corporation with all the assets that Provo Labs currently owns in the history space (including data, web sites, and software code).

I don\’t know if we\’ll actually hold a vote on who the Founding Team should be; but if the attendees want to this, we will.

I\’m excited about this summit. Read the Connect article about team formation, and get your hands on a copy of the original team formation ideas in The Entrepreneur Manual. You can buy it used on Amazon for as little as $5.74.

I really believe this idea is a big one. I believe that millions of people worldwide will one day subscribe to a mobile history content subscription service, so that whereever they travel in the world they will be able to pull up text, audio, and video clips that describe or explain the history of that location. If we get the right team in place, and can get the right content and design the right interface and market this service through the right carriers (or \”off portal\” if necessary) I think we can pull this off right here in Utah.

I guess that makes us a Four Domino business model, right Josh?

But if we get the right team together, then we\’ll be down to Three.

I also think that \”history\” is way down the list of the content types that all the biggest players have on their radar, and so it won\’t be immediately launched by the larger players. History is kind of like genealogy–it\’s not a multi-billion dollar category like travel or finance or real estate–so it\’s not at the top of the list for the carriers or internet media companies.

Like I said in Connect, I promise to write an article about this experiment and what we learn from it.

Let me know if you want to come. We can only take a few more people, but if you think you are qualified and have a lot to offer here, please apply, and we\’ll let you know.

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