Apple PC market sharing growing fast

Sales of Apple\’s Macintosh computers over the past twelve month\’s have grown faster than any other major PC manufacturer, boosting the company\’s share of the U.S. PC market to 6.1 percent, according to data released by Gartner on Wednesday …

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Every day I see more and more signs that Apple is gaining momentum with its PC sales. The iPod is giving Apple momentum and I think leading to more PC sales. And Mac lovers are coming out in the open and boldly telling the rest of us to get a clue.

The best traffic driving press release I\’ve seen in a LONG time

I remember how press releases during the bubble could make stock prices jump like crazy. Once, a press release went out to announce that SkyMall was partnering with Dick Eastman noticed the stock price jump immediately. Here is an excerpt from my personal notes database: