Apple PC market sharing growing fast

Sales of Apple\’s Macintosh computers over the past twelve month\’s have grown faster than any other major PC manufacturer, boosting the company\’s share of the U.S. PC market to 6.1 percent, according to data released by Gartner on Wednesday …

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Every day I see more and more signs that Apple is gaining momentum with its PC sales. The iPod is giving Apple momentum and I think leading to more PC sales. And Mac lovers are coming out in the open and boldly telling the rest of us to get a clue.

Even software developers might start thinking once again about producing Mac versions. Yesterday, a good friend who develops recipe software said that if he gets enough pre-orders (he is shooting for 1,000) then he will go ahead and develop a Mac version. He hasn\’t updated his Mac application since 1999.

I wonder how many other software developers will start thinking that the market share for Macs will continue to grow and grow and grow. With amazing dominance in the iPod space, Apple will have a huge mp3 customer base to market PCs to.

I\’m listening to \”The Second Coming of Steve Jobs\” on my iPod at the gym these days. What an amazing comeback story.

I\’ve been in the Microsoft/Intel/Windows camp for almost 20 years, but even I\’m thinking that my next PC should probably be a Mac. I don\’t think I could ever switch completely, but for so many applications, Macs just seem better.

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Apple PC market sharing growing fast

  1. Hi Paul,

    I switched from Windows to the Mac about 14 months ago and have not regretted it. Microsoft Office works fine on the Mac. For photos and movies, Mac’s bundled software is about the best there is. Plus of course, no anti-virus software required 😉

    It is interesting that with the Internet you don’t really need much more. Almost everything else is web-based and all the websites I frequent work fine with Apple’s Safari browser.


  2. Paul:

    I first bought a Mac mini on a fluke from Costco a little over a year ago. As an ex-MSFT employee, I’ve been dissing the Macs for years. Since buying that mini, however, I’ve become hooked. I still use an XP box for my primary desktop, but my everyday use laptop is a PowerBook Pro. I’m sure it won’t be long before I completely exorcize the XPs from my home and office. I love my iPod, and I love my PowerBook. Dang… I’m starting to love Apple!

  3. My brother got into Mac years ago. I never really wanted one until one day I was forced to use his to check my email… And it wasn’t hard at all to use! Since that time, another sibling of mine has got a mac, I have got one, my cousin is now using one, and everyone who even touches my MacBook says that they want my computer.

    A month ago I we were speaking with a lady at a NJ convention. She saw one of our Macs and asked, “Do you like the Mac?” We told her we did. She then told how they had shopped for her daughters laptop before she went to college. Against their daughter’s will they pushed her into getting the PC. A week into school her daughter called and said, “Mom, every single one of my roomates has a Mac!” I think that if you took a poll of the University markets you would see alot higher percentage than 6.1%.

  4. I’ve been using Macs professionally for about 8 years now. Those early years weren’t always easy, but now with OS X so polished and the switch to Intel chips, I never plan on buying another PC. On my MacBook Pro, I run Windows XP using Parallels, and it seems just as fast as if I had it installed natively. With a Mac you can get the best of all the OS worlds.

    Just a recommendation, if you are thinking of getting a Mac, unless your thinking of getting an iMac, Mac Mini, or MacBook I’d hold off. The Core 2 Duo MacBook Pros are due to be released anytime. Plus, MacWorld San Francisco is coming up in the first part of January, and they always announce new stuff then. Personally I’m holding out for a MacBook Pro with a Core 2 Duo, and the next revision of OS X, Leopard, which should be available sometime in the first part of 2007. Fortunately my employer provides me with a MacBook Pro, so that makes the wait much easier :).

  5. Don’t forget about warranty and support coverage. Back in 2002, I bought a great-looking powerbook based on the recommendation of an innovative friend. Although the switch wasn’t seemless (it took several days to transition from windows to mac keyboard shortcuts) I was really pleased with the Mac platform.

    However, I dropped my powerbook, and severely damaged the unit (juggling children and hardware at the same time is tricky). Unfortunately, I learned that the 250 dollar applecare protection plan I paid for doesn’t cover any kind of accidental damage. In fact, you can’t buy accidental damage protection from Apple.

    I contrast that with the dell inspiron I now have (though admittedly not as sleak and I sure miss some of my favorite Mac apps like Omnigraffle), and for less than the price of my powerbook, I have a good laptop, and the service technicians have been to my house and cheerfully repaired the damage inflicted on my machine.

    Maybe Apple is better off without an expensive customer like me. But until they improve their support options, I’m going to be hard pressed to switch back.

  6. Ok, you KNEW you were going to get a post from me on this one. I will even try to avoid the phrase “I told you so” (whoops, it just slipped out there). Anyway, I had a discussion with Elliot Masie as to why he decided to switch over to a Mac after years of working on a PC. His response was that working on a different platform influenced his creativity just because he could look at things in new ways thanks to some of the innovations that Apple has included in its operating system. The point, if for nothing else, try it out and see how something as simple as switching platforms can influence your creativity.

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