Compete Puts Icons Next to Google and Yahoo Search Results

Today I\’ve been using to find someone who worked at Travelzoo back when they issued shares to thousands (or was it hundreds of thousands?) of customers. That is such an interesting concept. It made a big splash in the 90s during the bubble. But would it work today with new SEC regulations? That\’s what I want to explore.

Answer: Yes

I asked the question in my last post, \”Will Compete\’s toolbar become an essential tool for internet marketers.\” After 15 minutes with the tool, and after watching the excellent Flash presentation about what this service aims to do, I answer with a resounding, \”Yes!\”

My favorite slide in the Flash presentation was this:

Will Compete’s Toolbar become an Essential Tool For Internet Marketers?

Bill Gross, one of the world\’s most prolific entrepreneurs and an inspiration to me for more than 10 years, officially launched today. (See the Alexa Chart for

I just downloaded the Compete toolbar. The graphics indicates that 2 million people are already sharing their clicks so that we can all know better what sites are popular and what sites we can trust.

BYU eBusiness Lecture Series–2006

I accidentally saved this blog post in my \”drafts\” and I guess I never posted this entry about the BYU eBusiness Lecture Series for Fall 2006.

It\’s a bit late in the BYU semester now, but since Josh James of Omniture (the world\’s best web analytics company) is speaking today, and Brian Beutler in two weeks, and Matt Mossman in three, I thought I should still post this in case some PLA members or others from the general public, may want to attend.