Grudgingly Accepting Defeat, Utah Fan Devin Thorpe Sings BYU Fight Song on YouTube

Move over, William Hung!

Utah’s own Devin Thorpe has posted a video of his incredible rendition of the BYU Cougar Fight Song.

I think you’ll enjoy Devin’s video even more if you first relive the excitement of the final seconds of the BYU victory over Utah. Check out this YouTube video that someone show from the stands.

Better still is this television broadcast video showing the final play of the game. (It has more than 15,000 views already!)

Devin has more talent than I anticipated. And he went the extra mile by traveling to Provo to shoot the video adjacent to BYU Campus. Nice effort, Devin!

Devin and I had a public challenge going about who the winner of the recent BYU-Utah Football game would be. He promised what he would do if BYU won; and I countered with a couple commitments of my own.

Thanks to the last second touchdown pass from John Beck (#2 rated NCAA passer) to Johnny Harline (see this amazing photo of Johnny on his knees waiting for the ball to arrive–as a gift from heaven) in the best BYU-Utah game of all time, Devin gets to blog about my blog every day for a week, take me to a restaurant of my choice, and upload this video.

Please visit Devin’s post and Digg it (if you aren’t a registered user of it takes only seconds to sign up) so that more people can enjoy the singing talents of Devin Thorpe. Make it a favorite on YouTube as well. Let’s see how many thousands of people all over the world can enjoy Devin’s public humiliation.

Go Cougars!

7 thoughts on “Grudgingly Accepting Defeat, Utah Fan Devin Thorpe Sings BYU Fight Song on YouTube

  1. Got to tell you, that while I understand alumni fervor as it relates to local rivalries, I get a little tired of all of the hubbub. Most of the country (let alone the world) knows nothing about our relatively “backwater” regional sports conflicts, and inasmuch as we are trying to elevate Utah’s technology/business/entrepreneurial reputation, flaunting “insider” Utah “local yokel” hijinx in a forum that has the potential to be a national/global platform does little to enhance the perception that we are not a smug little inbred boondock unable to compete in the bigger, badder world.

    A lot of us here have no affiliation with or affinity to BYU OR U of U. And it certainly isn’t even as relevant to our business “climate” as is the local meteorological climate.

    That said, I get JUST as tired of the annual tirades from Stanford and Berkeley alums about the “Big Game”– so I recognize it’s not exclusively a Utah phenomenon. I just think it hurts us more than some others. It’s too easy for “outsiders” to pidgeonhole us as it is without giving them another excuse.

  2. I guess I didn’t realize Paul was targeting “avid college football fans.” And while “the BYU v. Utah rivalry has been ranked among the top 5 college rivalries in the nation” by Sporting News (or whatever), I doubt Red Herring even considers it a blip worth noticing. I was under the impression this blog is written more from and for the perspective of the latter demographic.

  3. No doubt there are “plenty of avid colleage football fans that follow rivalries very closely.” I just thought this blog was targeted more towards the demographic of Red Herring and WSJ than Sports Illustrated and the Deseret News/Daily Herald.

    And while Sporting News may rank the BYU v. Utah rivalry “among the top 5 college rivalries in the nation,” my guess is that this particular forum is more interested in the “college rivalries” between the MIT and Cal Poly or Stanford and Harvard.

  4. I reserve the right to totally disagree. There are plenty of avid college football fans that follow rivalries very closely. This rivalry is definitely not a “backwater” regional sports conflict. The BYU v. Utah rivalry has been ranked among the top 5 college rivalries in the nation.

  5. I do agree that there is a specific target that reads this blog. However, don’t forget that this is also a personal blog, it seems like every once in a while it would be acceptable for the author to write about things that he cares about that happen in his local area.

    Sometimes I think people are proud of the universities they are involved with and they just like to express their feelings when something exciting happens.

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