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So I just checked out Cogmap which has some high level org charts for Google and Yahoo (which would be helpful for folks doing business development) but apparently lets anyone create a wiki-like org chart for any company.

The Cogmap Alexa chart looks quite promising.

One thought on “Online Org Chart Wiki

  1. I just saw this demoed the other night at Tech Meetup in New York by Brent Halliburton the founder and thought it was an interesting concept, and certainly one sales and biz dev people will love. But I have to say it was not given a warm reception by the Tech Meetup group despite Brent’s superior ability to handle and involve the crowd.

    I agree it’s an interesting concept, but the question brought up at the meetup and one I ask as well is how can you truly create a system of give and take that ensures the charts are filled out as much as they are used? Maybe it needs some sort of point system (upload your known contacts to see this many others).

    either way, I think it’s worth watching and using.

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