Seattle SEO Firm Reveals Method For Finding Sites That Should Link To You

Thanks to, a new web-based search engine marketing project management system, for pointing me to this excellent post from a Seattle SEO firm about how to get more incoming links. I have used some of these ideas before, but this post describes a more comprehensive and useful approach than any internal search strategy my teams have employed to get links. I highly recommend this.

Backlinks are the #1 most important factor in search engine rankings. So everyone needs them. But there are legitimate natural ways to attract links and then there are short-cut ways, which in the long run won’t give you much credit.

For example, many web sites will sell text links for SEO purposes. If your company is considering buying text links from any of the networks that have popped up, you should read this excellent Matt Cutts post from December 2005 that reveals that Google is getting very good at identifying purchased text links. Matt Cutts works at Google with the team that tries to identify and stamp out SEO spam; at the same time he gives wonderful advice about how to legitimately design your web site to be search engine friendly.

3 thoughts on “Seattle SEO Firm Reveals Method For Finding Sites That Should Link To You

  1. I agree that backlinks are the most important factor in SEO, and SEOmoz does a really good job giving us creative ideas to obtain them. Rand is one of the leading voices in the SEO industry and the SEOmoz blog is one of only a handful I read regularly. If I had to choose on blog that I could read on SEO it would be SOEmoz, although Aaron Wall’s SEOBook would be a close second.

  2. One can argue quite comfortably that on-site optimization is the most important part of SEO. While links may provide linking strength it is the on-page content that determines for which queries documents will appear in the SERPs. [Link bombing aside….oh wait, Google fixed that 🙂 — ok, it’s still early and the jury is still out on that one]

    Algorithms are complex weighted formulas. As with any weighted equation, enough influence on low-weighted valuables can overcome higher-weighted variables. (For example, by getting enough A grades in two credit classes one can compensate for getting a C grade in a four credit class and restore one’s GPA) Logically, content is most important to search engines because their goal is to send users to appropriate content. Therefore, logically, content is more important than links. Unfortunately, for the search engines, content analysis is not as simple as link analysis so search engines depend on links as guideposts. It can be argued that using links alone to achieve high ranking is like trying to win a war with small arms fire.

    Yes, links are powerful. However, if you look at any decent sampling of queries you will find high-ranking websites that lack the ‘link juice’ of their brethren. These are the

  3. IMHO I would say that age of the domain is the single most important aspect to SEO right now. Links and Content are very important but age really shines when it comes to mature search terms.

    Rand is a great SEO in my opinion. When I first got into this business in late 2002 he was one of the first people via online communities that really had the same conclusions to SEO that I was beginning to have also.

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