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Job Openings at World Vital Records

We will be officially posting some officially worded job openings at World Vital Records soon, but sometimes I think, why not blog about them, even before they are fully baked? One of my blog readers might be perfect for one of these spots or know the right person. We might be able to hire the right applicant, even before getting the job openings listed formally on our company web site.

Here are a few positions that we will be recruiting in the coming days/weeks:

  • Customer Service. Since we approaching 6,000 paying subscribers, and are signing up a good number of new subscribers every day, we need one additional phone and email support person. We are definitely looking for someone with excellent knowledge of the internet and technology, as well as a knowledge of and passion for family history. Our current customer service manager also writes articles and tips for our newsletters. In a small company you often wear many hats. So we are looking for someone else like this. Prior experience providing customer service for another online genealogy company would be a plus.
  • Library Sales. We will be creating pricing for libraries and societies soon, and we need someone who can promote our World Vital Records subscriptions to these institutions all over the world. We’ll initially focus our efforts in the United States, but we would like someone with library sales experience worldwide, maybe someone who has worked at Dynix before.
  • International Content Acquisition/Contract Management. Soon we will have 50 international genealogy search engines. As our worldwide audience grows, so do our opportunities to license data from different countries and in different languages. If you have contract management or business development experience and an expertise in family history, you may want to apply.
  • Affiliate Marketing Manager. This will likely be our most important online marketing program. We would like to hire someone with personal experience as an affiliate, an understanding of family history, and the technical skills to provide what sophisticated affiliates need to maximize their revenue.

These jobs are not officially up yet, but if you read my blog and are interested, just Contact Me, and I’ll put you in touch with the right person at World Vital Records, so that when we are interviewing, you’ll be on our list.

One thought on “Job Openings at World Vital Records

  1. Hi,
    I would be interested in the Library position. Genealogy is a huge passion for me. I hold 3 positions in our genealogy group right now. My MIGebWeb page has been done by me since its conception in 1996.

    I am not clear though if you need persons “in office” or if the work can be done from a home position.

    Thank You very much for taking the time to read this. Please reply with any questions you might have.

    RAOGK Volunteer
    MIGenWeb CC

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