Romney Rockets to First Place Tie in New Hampshire

See Washington Times article, same headline

Mitt Romney’s polling numbers in New Hampshire (Zogby phone poll) now put him in a first place tie with John McCain. This is big news.

Success breeds success, and Romney’s fundraising success is causing many people who had only heard of McCain, Giuliani, and Gingrich to take a closer look at Romney. And it turns out that the more people learn about him, the more they tend to like what they see. He is so presidential in every way–but at the same time he is not a career politician with all the baggage that politicians bring with them to office.

I support Romney for President for numerous reasons, but primarily as a business person, I’m afraid our country is heading for insolvency, unless someone outside of Washington steps in to cut our federal spending, our taxes, and make us competitive in this global marketplace.

Unlike any other presidential candidate I’ve ever known, Romney has the business experience as an extremely successful venture capitalist turning large insolvent companies into lean, mean, profitable machines. That takes an incredible ability to recruit the right people to get the job done, and the vision and determination to make it happen. I think Romney’s cabinet would be the most effective in history. Even during the campaign he is showing an amazing ability of attracting talented people who get the job done.

Our Congress is filled with attorneys. I’ve heard Utah Senator Bob Bennett (with his history in business) say that he has to explain the most simple business principles and practices to other Senators. Many of them have no idea what small businesses have to do to succeed. (Like bringing in more revenue than you spend!)

Wouldn’t it be great if we could send more business people (and more engineers) to Washington, who would actually have the sense to generate results, rather than to create legislation and programs that sound good but have no chance to really work. Our elected officials often boast that they “did something” because they worked tirelessly to pass some legislation. But it takes years before it becomes apparent that the programs don’t work, and by then, everyone has forgotten who passed it in the first place.

I think a Romney presidency would be different. I think his goal would not be merely to pass legislation, but to actually generate measureable results — because that is how a venture capitalist thinks.

I also like his conservative views on social issues. He is polling first in New Hampshire among those who are “conservative” and “very conservative” and I think this will be more and more common as he becomes better known in other states.

Romney is also now #1 in Google News searches among Republican Candidates, according to Google Trends. This means more people are hearing about him and wanting to learn more about him. His name recognition will surely begin to soar, as he is clearly now one of the three Republican front-runners, and people will continue to go online to learn more about him.

4 thoughts on “Romney Rockets to First Place Tie in New Hampshire

  1. I have been very impressed with Mitt Romney over the years, but his continued support of our failed strategy in Iraq and commitment to be even more “hard lined” with Iran is too much for me to swallow.

  2. It’s going to take a miracle to turn the “insolvency” around – as a successful VC he’s been able to make things happen without having he restraints you find in the federal system. Would be great to see it happen but it would drive him nuts, I’m guessing.

    Jason Alba
    CEO –

  3. Paul,

    I loved your last Connect article (I think it was your latest one anyway) about focusing and concentrating on one thing rather than getting involved in too many and not able to do any of them well. I think Mitt displayed this same wisdom when he decided not to re-run for Governor and focus solely on his Presidential campaign. I look forward to much more success from both of you!!!


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