Connecting With Genealogists Around the World is in beta and is attracting hundreds of new members each day, while we work feverishly to make the site more usable, add new features and new content ever day.

Yesterday we made it possible to browse (like MySpace does) by various fields, so you can find any genealogist living in Australia, for example, who is a member of the site. There are about 35 genealogists in Australia who have joined FamilyLink so far.

And 28 genealogists in the United Kingdom.

We have nearly 150 in California; 360 users of Family Tree Maker and more than 120 users of PAF. We have five people who speak or read Russian so far. And hundreds who are willing to help other genealogists with online or offline research.

Tonight we added a field in the personal profile section so members can list their heritage. This way, people of Irish or German or Swedish descent (for example) will soon be able to find each other, wherever they live around the world.

We have also made it possible to add “historic photos” to any city page. And I’m already seeing members uploading very interesting photos of places around the world.

Some of our members can’t find the city where they currently live in our database, so we are adding more cities and towns around the world. Won’t be long before every populated place in the world has a page on FamilyLink.

I’m going to bed. It’s becoming a habit to stay up till 1 or 2 am using Google Talk with our developers in Utah and with our content research team and developers in Asia.

We are getting tons of feedback from our members, and many suggestions for what we should do next. We read and respond to every email from customers. And we act quickly to incorporate new ideas. While we’re in beta, we’re actually rolling new code every single day. Our development environment allows for that.

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