Mitt Romney in Salt Lake City

I previously announced my support for Mitt Romney as President of the United States. I think he is the most qualified administrator that has ever run for this office. His business and investing experience shows that he knows how to fix things that are broken. Imagine a venture capitalist running the U.S. government, recruiting the right people to major posts, shutting down services that have failed, and using market forces and the Bain way (which includes vigorous debate among various points of view) to find the best solutions for each problem.

In addition to his administrative and financial acumen, Mitt cares deeply about families and all issues that affect families. He has spoken a lot about federalism, too, meaning that he doesn’t believe the Federal Government should decide everything. My personal favorite amendment to the constitution is the 10th Amendment, which reserves all power that is not specifically granted to the federal government to the states and to the people. Unfortunately, this amendment has been trampled by a steady erosion of state and local power, so that the federal government has control or influence over just about everything.

I have a copy of a book published nearly 100 years ago called Federal Usurpation (available on Google Books) which shows how many local and state powers were ceded to the federal government over the period of 2-3 decades. And that was 100 years ago!

Anyway, I’m lucky to be able to hear Mitt Romney speak in Salt Lake City today; and I’m also hoping to find time to help make some calls for him today on his behalf. I believe this country needs Mitt Romney. I encourage you to study his positions on every major issue as well as his approach to problem solving.

5 thoughts on “Mitt Romney in Salt Lake City

  1. Oh, and I almost forgot. Paul your book you refer to is a disgrace. I sure hope you don’t believe what I just read in the preface…

    “I do not mean by this that I consider our Constitution, frame a hundred and twenty years ago, well suited to the needs of our existing government. Its rigid provisions, its system of check and balances, are an obstacle to popular government, and they should be radically changed by amendment.”

    Wow, not sure I’ve heard that before, that our constitution is an “OBSTACLE”. I think completely different, I think it is an ENABLER .

  2. “he doesn’t believe the Federal Government should decide everything”

    – This is the problem with Mitt. His agenda includes socialized programs such as his health care for every American.

    “I encourage you to study his positions on every major issue”

    – This is another problem. His website is so week on content it’s emberassing. I challenge you to point me to where he describes in detail how he intends to implement health care for every american.

    Mitt is a good man, and I like him. BUT, he is lacking the absolute first qualification as a candidate and that is to uphold the constitution which he will NOT do.

  3. Mitt Romney is the best person for President of the United States.
    He is of impecable character, something rare in modern politics. He has been a stake president and a bishop twice in the Mormon Church. Only the most worthy men are called to such positions.
    He will be bound by his faith to obey and keep the laws of this nation. The constitution is the basis of all our
    rights and Mitt Romney will uphold the
    U.S. Constitution to the utmost.

    My daughter was attending Smith College all four years Mitt Romney was governoe there and she said the people thought he was doing a great job. She also said “If Mitt Romney can become the governor of the most liberal state in the United States, he can certainly become the President of the United States. All the hate mongers out there need to cease and desist. Look at yourselves before you criticize others and their religion. All those people out there who are saying outrageous things about him and his faith should simply go to and find out the real truth about his beliefs.

    He hope he will be the next President!

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