OnMedia: Raising Money From Strategic Corporate Investors

Moderator: Mark Stevens, Partner, Fenwick & West
David Horowitz, Principal, Comcast Interactive Capital
Seth Haberman, CEO, Visible World
Dan Beldy, Managing Director, Steamboat Ventures (a $400 m Disney fund with 16 investments)
John Edwards, CEO, Move Networks
Andrew Cleland, Executive Director, Investments, Time Warner

Chief Marketing Officer of the Future

Roger Wood, Senior VP, GM of the Americas at Amobee Media Systems, made the most interesting comment so far at OnMedia when he suggested that sometime in the next 36 months there will be a watershed event, when the first Chief Marketing Officer of the Future is hired by a Fortune 1000 company. I captured a few of his ideas about what kind of CMO this will be.

OnMedia: Venture Capital and Angel Investing Workshop

Here are some highlights from the workshop that featured two lawyers (Sam Angus and Mark Stevens of Fenwick & West), two VCs (Will Price of Hummer Winblad and Dan Beldy, Steamboat Ventures), and one entrepreneur, Jed Simmons, COO of Next New Networks whose company raised $8 million from non-Silicon Valley investors for their content business:

Blogging AlwaysOn OnMediaNYC

I\’m here in New York City today for the final day of the AlwaysOn OnMedia NYC conference. The first session is on monetizing internet video. John Edwards, CEO of Move Networks, is introducing himself right now. The panel moderator is James Montgomery, Montgomery & Co CEO, and the other two panelists are Adam Berrey, SVP Marketing Strategy of BrightCove, and Iain Scholnick, CEO, ImageSpan. I\’ll be taking notes and posting throughout the day.

CNN: Glenn Beck Tribute to President Gordon B. Hinckley

Mormon Church President Gordon B. Hinckley passed away at his home last night at the age of 97, after serving his church for decades, travelling the world to witness for Jesus Christ (here are links to 77 sermons he gave as church president), and reaching out encourage everyone to stand for something and to try to be better. Glenn Beck, who appears nightly on his own show on CNN says that President Hinckley was his "shining city on a hill," the person who made him want to be better.

Video of McCain Endorsing Romney

When Mitt Romney ran for Governor of Massachusetts, Senator McCain couldn\’t say enough about how great he was for the party, for Massachusetts, and what incredible integrity and honesty he had. It is one of the finest character endorsements I have ever seen. This is the kind of video clip I\’d like to see broadcast by a major news outlet like CNN or MSNBC. It\’s pretty funny, given the current race.

Social Networking Strategy for Utah Companies

I recently organized a Facebook group called Utah CEOs with a Facebook Strategy. Now I wish I had named it better. It should be something like Utah Executives who Have or Want to Have a Social Networking Strategy. The first event had more than 30 attendees. One of them blogged a summary of the Facebook Strategy lunch that we held this week, and said it was very worthwhile.

Romney Can Win

The Republican debate last night on MSNBC was quite friendly between the five Republican candidates. Chris Matthews and many others felt that Mitt Romney absoluted dominated the debate, which should help him shore up his recently acquired lead in at least three Florida polls. It feels great to see momentum shifting to the candidate that I believe can help the US deal with hard economic times and global competition better than anyone else in US history.