Yahoo Go On My Blackberry

I switched to GMail about 2 years ago, but I have kept my Yahoo email account around so it can forward everything automatically to GMail.

But today, because of Jerry Yang\’s CES Keynote, which makes it clear that Yahoo is going to become very friendly to third party developers, and because Yahoo Mail still has more users (I think) than GMail, I decided that I would download Yahoo Go! to my Blackberry, and start using YahooMail again, so I can keep my feet in both camps.

Facebook Strategy Lunch for Utah Executives

I organized a Facebook Group for Utah CEOs who have a Facebook strategy or want to develop one. I wish I could change the name of the Facebook Group, but Facebook doesn\’t allow that. I can see why. What if someone set up a group called \”Mothers Against Drunk Driving\” and got a million members, and then arbitrarily decided to change the name of the group to \”We Love Beer.\” The creator of a group can control a lot of things, but can\’t change the name after people have joined it.