Venture Capital in the Rockies Wrapup

I\’m at the Beaver Creek Resort in Avon, Colorado today for the Venture
Capital in the Rockies event.

20 startup and growth companies, including 14 from Colorado and 4 from
Utah are here to present business plans to 200-300 venture capitalists
from 8 states. Our company,, was selected as a
presenter. We each get 15 minutes and then 5-10 minutes of Q&A.

Here is a brief rundown of the presenters:

– Albeo Technologies (Colorado) markets solid-state lighting systems
based on white light-emitted diode (LED) technology. Lighting accounts
for 40% of all electricity consumption in the commercial market. Have
raised $1.55 million in two rounds of funding.

– Altela (New Mexico) has raised $10 million to develop a new
energy-reuse water desalination product that operates at remote
locations such as oil and gas wells.

– AVA Solar (Colorado) was spun out of Colorado State University. They

50 Topics I wish I had Blogged About

I keep a Google doc called Blog Ideas. I have added a few dozen ideas to it in the last few months, and haven\’t gotten around to blogging about very many of them. Right now, I\’m looking at the Google doc on my new iphone (Google applications work beautifully on the iphone). Here are some of the blog ideas that I would have blogged about if I had more time:


I love basketball. But my career pretty much ended in 9th grade when I was 5\’2\” tall and had glasses–and though a pretty good shooter, I got cut from my junior high basketball team.

Finally I got my growth spurt, and was about 5\’10\” as a senior where I tried out for my high school team. I made first and second cuts, but was the final person cut from the team and I\’ve never fully recovered.

“World Collection” From

The worldwide reach of the internet never ceases to amaze me. Earlier this week, after the announcement of our World Collection, containing genealogical data from more than 30 countries, I received an internal company email that said:

We now have subscribers from 48 countries. We increased our country count by 5 in January.
The bolded countries are new in January.

Does Brand Loyalty Come From Family Word of Mouth?

During nearly 20 years of marriage I think on two or three occasions my wife and I have discussed the laundry detergent that she uses. As a pragmatist, I have often come across less expensive generic detergents, which she refuses to use. I can\’t even get her to try anything else, even once!