50 Topics I wish I had Blogged About

I keep a Google doc called Blog Ideas. I have added a few dozen ideas to it in the last few months, and haven’t gotten around to blogging about very many of them. Right now, I’m looking at the Google doc on my new iPhone (Google applications work beautifully on the iPhone). Here are some of the blog ideas that I would have blogged about if I had more time:

  • Record page views the last two days on WorldVitalRecords.com
  • My new Amazon Kindle: I love it!
  • The new $20 cell phone from India
  • A video of my Nov. 6th lecture at BYU about having a Second Chance in the “connecting families” business
  • The Scrabulous incident on Facebook and a blog post that linked to a US gov’t web site about how games are not copyrightable
  • Wall Street Journal coverage of FundingUniverse.com
  • Analytics tools for Facebook apps
  • The launch of the new World Collection from WorldVitalRecords.com
  • Quantcast’s $20 million in new funding: this company will be very disruptive in the online advertising space, imo
  • Ted.com
  • DEMO 2008
  • Google.org renewable energy grants
  • Facebook Beacon
  • Google Presentations
  • Genetree.com launch

There were actually a total of 50 items in my Blog Ideas doc that I haven’t taken time to blog about.

I keep hoping I can find more time to blog. I keep thinking, “maybe when we’re cash flow positive.”

I recently switched my blog site from WordPress to Drupal, with the help of an IT consultant. The way my site has been set up will make it more SEO friendly, and it should also be easier for me to insert images, and to email blog posts without errors. Drupal is a very robust content management system used by some major web sites.

7 thoughts on “50 Topics I wish I had Blogged About

  1. Please take the time to post a review of the kindle. The reviews at Amazon are lukewarm, and I’m interested in getting an opinion from someone I know.

    Good luck getting cash flow positive (do it soon so you can blog more :-).

  2. Here is the comment on the Fortune blog I mentioned about games not being copyrightable with a link to the US gov web site:

    “People seem to keep forgetting something tremendously important to all of this. Games cannot be copyrighted (in the US at least)! Check out http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl108.html for the full skinny. So, this is not a copyright issue. It’s a TRADEMARK issue. The dead easy solution to all of this is change the name of Scrabulous to something that isn’t close to infringing. They have enough of a following now that changing the name shouldn’t bother many.”

    Original source: http://techland.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2008/01/11/will-someone-please-start-a-facebook-group-to-save-scrabulous/

    Games might be copyrightable in other countries, so it may not be as easy as this blogger suggests for Scrabulous to get around the legal issues.

    I haven’t really been following this issue lately. Does anyone know the latest?

  3. I look forward to seeing your “Nov. 6th lecture at BYU about having a Second Chance in the ‘connecting families’ business”! Thanks for posting the video and mentioning it above.

    No time for blogging? Tell me about it…

  4. You might want to do a blog on how incredible the Everton’s Genealogical Helper Magazine has become now that it merged with Heritage. Every two months I get a BOOK not just a magazine! The top genealogists from all over the world are contributing and with the WVR partnership, it is THE best genealogy combo.

    I never thought it would be better than the orginal Helper, but it is now!

  5. I think blogging through email is overrated.

    I set it up a couple of times, and I thought by making it easier to blog , I would have more posts.

    It almost never happens.

  6. I tend to agree with Wilson NG that blogging through email is overrated. I found in real estate that blogging is very helpful.

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