Facebook and iPhone Apps Selling Like Hotcakes

And by that, I mean, one at a time. You’d think that by now hundreds of popular Facebook and iPhone applications would have caught the interest of older established companies that weren’t able to move quickly enough to capitalize on these two most exciting development platforms. You’d think that established brands with profitable business modelsContinue reading “Facebook and iPhone Apps Selling Like Hotcakes”

Twitter’s Cosmic Powers

I originally wrote this article for Connect Magazine’s December 2008 issue. It’s been said that brevity is the soul of wit; it is also the soul of Twitter. Twitter is the world’s most popular tool for “micro-blogging.” Every day, millions of people use Twitter to answer the question, “What are you doing right now?” AsContinue reading “Twitter’s Cosmic Powers”

Near Death Experiences

No, this blog post is not about metaphysical near-death experiences, but I bet the title caught your eye. (As an aside, I read the book Life After Life as a teenager, and thought it was pretty interesting. Since reading that book, though, I’ve seen many efforts to commercialize near-death experiences that I think are bogus.Continue reading “Near Death Experiences”