is Hiring

We have several open positions at, and I’ve decided to blog about them in hopes that it will increase our pool of potential candidates and educate potential candidates on our hiring process–particularly our use of trust networks to vet candidates.  If you are interested, or know someone who is, please refer them to ourContinue reading “ is Hiring”

Report: $78 billion in TARP Funds “Given” to Banks

The latest entry at Crashopedia is a partial transcript of a video interview from yesterday where Congressional TARP Oversight chairwoman Elizabeth Warren reveals the astonishing fact that Secretary Paulson misled her, the public and Congress about what equity and warrants the government got when it invested the first $350 billion in TARP funds into largeContinue reading “Report: $78 billion in TARP Funds “Given” to Banks”

The Senator Who Saw This Coming

Newsweek has a great article in the April 13th edition called, “The Senator Who Saw This Coming.” It is a brief interview with North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan, about his effort to regulate exotic derivatives back in 1994.   I met with one of Senator Dorgan’s key staffers on a trip to Washington, DC inContinue reading “The Senator Who Saw This Coming”