Who Do You Know That Knows A Member of Congress?

I belong to a small non-partisan group called Americans Against Exotic Derivatives (AAXED). Our primary goal is to educate our elected representatives in Washington, D.C., about the conditions that led to the global financial melt-down.   Our first project is to get a copy of a very important book in the hands of all 535Continue reading “Who Do You Know That Knows A Member of Congress?”

First Utah iPhone Developers Meetup

Last year I started a Facebook group for Utah iPhone developers. The group now has 146 members. Recently, Cary Snowden (of CrunchLunch fame) and Brad Hintze jumped in to help run the group, and they have actually started organizing real world (hopefully monthly) meetings for this group. The first meetup will be at Novell (buildingContinue reading “First Utah iPhone Developers Meetup”