What Love Songs Did Your Parents Love?

I am running a survey tonight on We’re Related (a family-oriented Facebook application with 17 million monthly users) to find out if people know the love songs their parents loved. Given our modern obsession with music, I find it interesting that only 7% of the respondents say they do. (See Survey Results) Come to thinkContinue reading “What Love Songs Did Your Parents Love?”

New Employee Checklist

The primary purpose of this blog since Nov 2003 has been to discuss topics related to being an internet entrepreneur. But my own personal role has changed several times during these past 6 years, as I’ve been CEO of an internet marketing company (which was sold in June 05), head of an internet incubator (ProvoContinue reading “New Employee Checklist”

Does Product Loyalty Run in Families?

Last year, as FamilyLink.com’s product strategy and business model were becoming more clear, we realized again that in many ways, the family is the center of the economic universe. So many consumer purchases are really made within families. Think about the mortgage, the car payment, educational expenses, travel, health-related spending, consumer electronics, and gifts too.Continue reading “Does Product Loyalty Run in Families?”

Web-based Software For Virtual Team Meetings

Our hiring philosophy at FamilyLink.com has been to recruit the best talent we can find, regardless of location. So we have engineers, designers, and marketers scattered in several states and in two countries as well. As we have grown from a dozen to more than 60 employees and contractors, the challenge of communicating and collaboratingContinue reading “Web-based Software For Virtual Team Meetings”

July 9 Meeting for Utah iPhone Developers

From Cary Snowden, one of the administrators of the Utah iPhone Developers Group on Facebook.   The Utah iPhone Developer Group has announced their next meeting. Here are the details. For those of you who are already working on iPhone apps, this is a great way to connect with the local iPhone developer community. IfContinue reading “July 9 Meeting for Utah iPhone Developers”