Today Only: $2,000 in Free Real Time Market Research

How much would you pay to be able to run an instant poll where you get responses to any question from 1,000 diverse people within about an hour?

If you are an entrepreneur or marketer or business owner, you know that knowing what prospective customers think and need and want is essential. You need good, relevant, timely customer feedback in order to develop products and craft marketing campaigns that match what the customer is looking for.

It is very expensive to build a product or launch a marketing campaign without first doing some market research to validate the product or the marketing approach. And yet most small businesses probably never conduct market research studies because they are typically very costly and time consuming. In the past I’ve paid for market research studies that cost tens of thousands of dollars and took months to complete.

But today, my team and I at run dozens of surveys every day and we get between 100,000 and 200,000 answers daily from our huge audience. We have nearly 30 million monthly visitors to our network of sites. (See our Quantcast chart here.)

Our focus at is building apps and sites for families that help families get connected and stay in touch with their relatives. We generate revenue primarily from advertising and from subscriptions to our massive genealogy databases. But we also believe we can potentially provide real value to businesses and market researchers if they have access to our real-time survey tool and huge panel of customers, primarily from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

I have wondered how many more businesses would use market research if instead of a month or two and $10-20,000, they could conduct a simple survey to a random panel of 1,000 people and get the results in less than an hour.

How much would you pay for that?

I’m guessing that many businesses would pay $199 for such a survey. We have asked hundreds of questions that we have found useful. We use the tool in product marketing to learn:

  • what product features customers want most from a given product category
  • what marketing benefits customers are most likely to respond to
  • what domain name to use when building a promotional or product site
  • which web page design or marketing concept design customers like most

The surveys can be used to determine brand awareness (how many people prefer my brand over my competitors), intent to purchase, pricing sensitivity, and more. They can be used to find out people’s favorite books, songs, hobbies, or to track interest in new trends or fads. They could be used by journalists or political leaders to measure public opinion on anything.

Our survey tool can support up to 10 multiple choice responses. It can also provide a text entry box, so that you can actually get 500 free format answers to any question you ask. These open ended questions are my favorite. I have a list of about 20,000 responses about what famous person people admire most and who they would like to meet in person, if they had a chance. We are using the data we are culling from this crowdsourcing effort to make sure that (and games that use its database) contain biographies of all the historical figures that people admire most.

And, it can link to graphics so that you could, for example, show 3 different logos you are considering and ask 500 random people which one they like best.

We are using the survey tool daily for all kinds of questions. Our knowldege of what our customers think and want from us, and from other products and services they use, is really valuable. In nearly every internal discussion about what features we should build next, we are referring to past surveys or designing new ones that can run during our meeting and give us valid data from our customers before the end of the meeting.

We have decided that today only, we will provide a free 1,000 response survey to the first 10 people who contact us. If you are in business, education, journalism, government, non-profit work, or any other field, and you would love to know what people think about anything, please email me at paul@ with subject line: SIGN ME UP

My team and I will contact you quickly and get your survey question online so that you can have answers in no time.

Our “consumer panel” consists of more than 50MM Facebook users worldwide who use the “We’re Related” application from FamilyLink to find and connect with relatives.

So, what are you waiting for? Think up that question, and send me that email today.

8 thoughts on “Today Only: $2,000 in Free Real Time Market Research

  1. I run a consulting firm of sorts that aims to educate the general public on basic and proactive computer/internet security. Our primary target audiences are parents and the elderly. If you’re still offering this, I’ve definitely got a question I’d like to ask.

  2. We have received 10 requests so far for free customer surveys and are starting to put the questions into the queue. Thanks for all your interest!!!

  3. Paul, this is a great service! Let me know how your test goes and what price point you land at. I’d love to have this arrow in my quiver to share with clients.

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