Internships at FamilyLink – Utah’s Fastest Growing Web Company

It’s still a well-kept secret, but last month FamilyLink was the fastest growing web site in the US according to Comscore. But you wouldn’t know it from the (low) number of requests we get for part-time employment or internships.

If you are studying web development, marketing, multimedia or business at BYU or UVU, wouldn’t you be excited to find a part time job or internship with a company that is growing this fast? You can learn so much and meet so many great people working at a company that is growing so fast and providing value to so many millions of families.

I often refer local job hunters to to find Utah companies that have raise capital. That is usually a sign of a company that is growing. You will find FamilyLink listed there, but you can also find stats about FamilyLink on, which shows FamilyLink ranks about #100 of all US web sites for monthly unique visitors.

Almost every time I lecture to college students and entrepreneurs, I talk about catching the next wave in technology or business. FamilyLink is riding the huge wave of social networking fueled by Facebook’s platform, and is going to be launching mobile applications for families on iPhone and other platforms as well. But we need more talented and passionate people to make these things happen!

I’m very surprised at how few potential employees and students are contacting us to tell us how much they want to work for us, or intern with us. Either everyone is already employed, or maybe everyone is just busy playing Farmville on Facebook or something – because they certainly aren’t knocking down our door. We had a popular booth at a recent BYU job fair, but the conversation always starts with us explaining what we do. It would be much nicer if everyone already knew about us and what we do — then we might have people with passion coming to us with ideas about what they want to do for us.

We’re about to launch our first billboard on I-15 – so hopefully awareness of FamilyLink will grow in the next few weeks. I’ve always wanted to do a billboard (See Recruiting with Billboards), and now Cydni Tetro (our CMO) is making it happen.

Some of the positions (or internships) that we could create for part time employees this spring or summer include:

  • web analytics
  • graphics design
  • banner creation – dynamic, flash, social, targeting
  • brand partnership project management
  • agency and advertiser account management
  • css / javascript coding
  • twitter / facebook marketing
  • mobile app development (android, blackberry, iPhone)
  • mobile marketing
  • pay-per-click marketing
  • seo
  • content licensing / business development
  • sales lead generation and “setting”
  • viral video production and marketing
  • localization / translation

If you know any students who are smart, passionate, and get things done, have them check us out and give us reasons to create a position for them this spring or summer. Last summer we hired 8 twitter interns, many of whom learned a lot about social marketing and have gone on to do great things.

Maybe this spring or summer, you will be the one to use FamilyLink as a launch pad for your next career move.

4 thoughts on “Internships at FamilyLink – Utah’s Fastest Growing Web Company

  1. Paul,

    Where would one go to “apply” to these internships?

    Would they be in house internships or would you consider allowing interns to work from home or wherever else they may be in the country?

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I use the Eclipse and Visual Studios IDEs to develop. I have a collection of pages in my Eclipse workspace, but have not tied any to a running server yet. Last Fall I interned for the Presiding Bishopric of the LDS in Riverton, Utah under the Information and Communication System’s Department. The experience was very insightful. I have a one page resume. Let me know if you would like to view it.

    Regards, Jason

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