BYU Family History Technology Workshop – Wed, April 28

This year’s Family History Technology Workshop will be held at the Salt Palace. NGS has been a magnet that drew all of the annual computerized genealogy and technology conferences to Salt Lake City. Obviously, conference organizers wanted to make it convenient for many NGS attendees and developers to attend as many sessions as possible. TheContinue reading “BYU Family History Technology Workshop – Wed, April 28”

FamilyLink is (or soon will be) For Genealogists

Randy Seaver is one of my very favorite genealogy bloggers. (Click here to visit his blog.) He has excellent insights about tools, technologies, and content that genealogists find useful, and he often provides better reviews (and screenshots) of new products and services than anyone else I follow. He is into genealogy – not social networkingContinue reading “FamilyLink is (or soon will be) For Genealogists”