The Presidential Candidate You Haven’t Heard About – The One Who Wants to Get Money Out of Politics

Two weeks ago I had never heard of Buddy Roemer.

Now I follow him on Twitter, subscribe to his channel on YouTube, and am hoping to go to one of his events on the east coast next week.

He’s the most refreshing political voice on the national stage.

Buddy Roemer on MSNBC

I encourage you to take ten minutes, at least, and listen to what he is saying about money corrupting politics. He’s articulating what I’ve been feeling since opening my eyes in 2008 to what is really going on with our financial system and our supposed system of representative democracy.

He is right that if you have money and are a big donor, that you are first in line, and that you have influence; but if not, you are forgotten.

Meg Whitman called me at my home when she was running for Governor of California. I must have been on some political donor list. She only wanted $10,000 so that I could go meet her at a fund-raising dinner that was being held for her.

I’m telling you… big donors have easy access to politicians. The rest of us don’t.

Buddy Roemer wants to change all that.

Please take a few minutes and learn more about this former Governor and 4-term Congressman from Louisiana.

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