Americans Elect: Best User Registration Process Design I’ve Ever Seen. P.S. Vote for + Buddy Ro…

Americans Elect: best user registration process design I’ve ever seen.

P.S. Vote for +Buddy Roemer!

I just verified my voter identity at and have to say this is perhaps the best design of a user registration process that I have ever seen. I’m not saying it’s the most frictionless. But whoever designed this is brilliant. The color schemes. The forms themselves. The look and feel. The overall flow. And the backend validation of my identity as a voter. All very, very impressive.

I do not know enough about the organization to endorse it, per se. But I do love the idea of Americans picking a candidate outside of the two-party system. And I am supporting +Buddy Roemer, who is the only candidate who has anti-corruption as his top priority. I think the majority of Americans believe our system is corrupt and that money buys way too much influence in Washington DC and elsewhere in government; but many are so ideologically tied to one party or another, that they’d rather give money and support to their party in an effort to defeat the other (scary) party, than to try to fix the system itself.

Buddy knows that our Congress is, for the most part, bought. And that special interests and lobbyists set the priorities for legislation and spending. And that we are in deep, deep trouble if we don’t get money out of the system and reduce the corruption and crony capitalism that perverts so much of our economy. I wish more people would listen to Buddy’s message. AE 2012 is perhaps the only way he’ll get his message out.

I assume people in the U.S. are becoming accustomed to ranking low in worldwide surveys for quality of education and health care, but who knew that our corruption perception index (CPI) continues to get worse? We now rank #24th worldwide, below the Bahamas, Chile, and Qatar.

Check out the worldwide rankings for corruption:

Visit Americans Elect, if for no other reason than to see their user registration flow (and to take some screen captures). Or, better yet, vote for +Buddy Roemer, the leading declared candidate so far.

Here’s the link:


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