Everyone Needs A Coach and Coaches Need Tools

Everyone Needs A Coach and Coaches Need Tools

In the 90s, I spent many hours in libraries looking for public domain content to digitize and put online.

I found an old book on basketball. The author had interviewed dozens of the most successful coaches and players of all time to discover their favorite plays. He diagrammed them and described how to run these plays.

When I stumbled upon this book I thought, I wonder how many basketball coaches are out there who have NO IDEA that a playbook such as this exists!

At Strengths, Inc, we focus on human development and flourishing, not sports.

But as in sports, we think every person can benefit from having a coach.

And coaches need playbooks–data and tools and strategies gathered from interviews of thousands of successful people.

Tim Ferriss gathers such data by interviewing amazing people and writing about them in books like Tools for Titans.

At Strengths, Inc. we are also gathering data about pathways to success.

Using machine learning, we will personalize a playbook for each person based on their innate talents and their roles and goals in life.

Equipped with these tools, we hope to empower a network of coaches to help a billion people reach their full potential.

And we hope you will join our team.

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  1. We don’t know what we don’t know! Thank you for helping us connect the dots and connect to people whose lives will be positively impacted by the help of a coach. I’m looking forward to being part of this movement.

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