The Team Coaching Zone Podcast

To listen to this podcast, click HERE. Announcer: Welcome to the Team Coaching Zone podcast. Join your host Dr. Krister Lowe and today’s leading organizational coaches as we explore the art and Science of team coaching. Get ready for 45 minutes of pure inspiration, and to take your team coaching practice to the next level.Continue reading “The Team Coaching Zone Podcast”

Rhonda Boyle’s Strengths Activation Podcast Featuring Paul Allen

To watch the Strengths Activation Vlog where Rhonda Boyle and Kyle Draper interview Paul Allen, click HERE. Kyle Draper: Hey Paul. Paul Allen: Thanks for having me on the show. Kyle Draper: Absolutely. Rhonda Boyle: We are delighted to have you here. Now tell us your top five ’cause we like to know what those are.Continue reading “Rhonda Boyle’s Strengths Activation Podcast Featuring Paul Allen”