When In The Course of Human Development It Becomes Necessary

Yesterday I spoke at the Utah Worksite Wellness Conference about how to increase human well-being. The conference title was “Motivating the Demotivated”. That title sparked my rant about how kids are born with natural curiosity and talent. The more time they spend in school the more disengaged they become, according to Gallup’s annual poll. Why?Continue reading “When In The Course of Human Development It Becomes Necessary”

Cold Showers Can Benefit Your Health

I hated what I read in the Harvard Business Review last Friday: Cold showers have health benefits. I’ve always ignored people who advocate taking cold showers. But how does one ignore this new study from the Netherlands? It involved thousands of volunteers. Conclusion: “This is the first high-level evidence showing that cold showers can benefitContinue reading “Cold Showers Can Benefit Your Health”

Whose Fault Is It When An Employee “Fails?”

Whose fault is it when an employee “fails”? Was it the employee’s fault? The hiring manager? The current manager who doesn’t understand how to set up the employee for success? Is it the leader of the company whose vision doesn’t inspire, whose systems don’t work? Some of the greatest thinkers of all time place mostContinue reading “Whose Fault Is It When An Employee “Fails?””

People Like Me Need People Like You

“People Like Me Need People Like You” Someday I’ll write a book about Ancestry.com. I’ll highlight the people who built Ancestry from the ground up–unsung heroes like Richard Stauffer and John Ivie and Jim Ericson. I’ll also highlight those who helped Ancestry survive our financial crisis in 2000/2001. Michael Herring, one of the greatest CFOs I knowContinue reading “People Like Me Need People Like You”

Celebrating Mike Dauphinee’s Work as a Strengths Coach

You probably haven’t heard of Michael Dauphinee II yet. But you will. He’s a rock star strengths coach and humanitarian, with more courage in his pinky finger than I have in my whole body. A couple weeks ago, I got a message from Facebook that Mike was “marked safe” after a recent overseas explosion. HeContinue reading “Celebrating Mike Dauphinee’s Work as a Strengths Coach”