Liveblogging OnDC ’09: Mergers and Acquisitions Panel

Moderator: Bob Kipps, Managing Director Kipps DeSanto & Co. Panelists: Chris Hagan, Goodwin Procter; Frank Finelli, The Carlyle Group; Wes Husted, CFO Abraxas Corporation Wes. About two years ago there was a steady flow of acquisition candidates, then it shut down completely. It has started up again in the last few months. Bob. There isContinue reading “Liveblogging OnDC ’09: Mergers and Acquisitions Panel”

Tim Draper Keynote at OnDC ’09–“Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”

How free are we? The government spends 40% of what we make. We spend more for our average prisoner than for an average student. Going through the airports, almost every time I get the probe. Some construction permits take more than 6 years. How brave are we? There are more lawyers per worker than anyContinue reading “Tim Draper Keynote at OnDC ’09–“Land of the Free, Home of the Brave””

Liveblogging: OnDC ’09 Next Generation Education

Moderator: Saad Khan, Partner CMEA Ventures Panelists: Jose Ferreira, CEO Knewton; Jeff Shelstad, CEO Flat World Knowledge (new type of publisher that uses open source concepts for textbooks); Brian Jones, Senior Counsel, Dow Lohnes LLC (former general counsel of US Dept of Education.) Saad. Presumption is that education needs to be reformed. What are theContinue reading “Liveblogging: OnDC ’09 Next Generation Education”

LiveBlogging: Financial Reform Roundtable at OnDC ’09

Moderator: Jonathan Axelrad, Partner, Goodwin Procter Hale Boggs, Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Philips, LLC Dixon Doll, General Partner, DCM. Venture industry for 25 years. Menlo Park. Beijing. Tokyo. Focus on early stage technology and cleantech. I just served for a year as chairman of National Venture Capital Association here in DC. Paul Thanos, director FinancialContinue reading “LiveBlogging: Financial Reform Roundtable at OnDC ’09”

Liveblogging OnDC — David Boaz, EVP Cato Institute

Entrepreneurism and free markets work. Johann Norberg from Sweden at Cato institute says entrepreneur is a hero. A hero makes the world better for people. That’s what entrepreneurs need. They need freedom to create and freedom for consumers to choose. There are obstacles to that. Corruption is the biggest obstacle in many countries. Because weContinue reading “Liveblogging OnDC — David Boaz, EVP Cato Institute”

Liveblogging OnDC: Cyber Security

Panel on Cyber Security Moderator: Robert Rodriquez, retired secret service agent Panelists: Richard Russell, Deputy Associate Director of National Intelligence for Enterprise Solutions, Office of the Director of National Intelligence; Lt. General Minihan, USAF, Managing Director Paladin Capital Group; Alan Wade, President, Wade Associates (former CIO of the CIA, 2001-2005) Robert. Why is it difficultContinue reading “Liveblogging OnDC: Cyber Security”

Liveblogging OnDC: Lt. General Minihan (ret.)

Speaker: Lt. General Minihan (retired) He was in intelligence for years. Usually in that role, no one is happy with you. Usually you get phone calls between midnight and 6 am. (I believe he ran the NSA previously.) Now he is Managing Director of Paladin Capital. He is going to talk about Cyber Security. [Note:Continue reading “Liveblogging OnDC: Lt. General Minihan (ret.)”

Liveblogging: AlwaysOn: Tapping the Trillions

Moderator: Michael Zolandz, Partner, Sonnenschein Owen Barwell, Deputy CFO, Dept. of Energy; Christine Tezak, Senior Analyst, Energy & Environmental Policy Research, Robert W. Baird & Co; Wes Coulum, Exec. Dir Gov’t Relations, Morgan Stanley. Owen. Out of our $24-25 billion budget, most of our money doesn’t go to what is reported in the press today.Continue reading “Liveblogging: AlwaysOn: Tapping the Trillions”

Liveblogging: OnDC panel, Entrepreneurs March on Washington

Moderator: Bill Schnoor, Goodwin Procter. Panelists: Henrik Fisker, CEO Fisker Automotive; Jonathan Wolfson, CEO of Solazyme; Wes Bolsen, CMO of Coskata; Andrew Perlman, GreatPoint Energy. Coskata has raised $40 million in funding. Fisker has raised nearly $200 million in equity. Solazyme and GreatPoint Energy have also raised capital. Solazyme does algae fuel. Fisker: some venturesContinue reading “Liveblogging: OnDC panel, Entrepreneurs March on Washington”

Live Blogging: AlwaysOn On DC: Henry Fisker Keynote (new automotive company)

He left BMW to start a next-generation car company, with high-end design and eco-friendly. He worked in the car industry for 20 years. He realized a new business model was needed to get cost of development down. Fisker Automotive has taken the time to development to be less than 5 years and $1 billion. UsuallyContinue reading “Live Blogging: AlwaysOn On DC: Henry Fisker Keynote (new automotive company)”