February 16, 2006 Archives

Amazon to sell branded mp3 players pre-loaded with content?

Now this could be very interesting…a low-cost subscription model for a player with pre-loaded content. That is exactly where I\’ve wanted to go with and If Amazon does it first for the mass market, hopefully it will pave the way for us to do this in smaller, niche markets where we like to play. : Practical News & Case Studies on Internet Advertising, Marketing & PR : Online Publishers Made $1 Billion From Google AdSense Last Year

All Provo Labs employees should read this article (and save a copy before the free preview \”expires\”). All internet entrepreneurs should be familiar with this as well.

Google on a Slippery Slope

I\’ve always loved the purity of the Google vision to provide fast access to all the world\’s information. The Google team has always seemed to care more about the user experience than about making money.

But today I glimpsed something that scares me and makes me wonder who is in charge at Google anymore. The pioneers who built the search engine were purists. But the settlers who are being hired at Google by the hundreds are probably more driven by making money than anything else.

User generated video content

Al Gore\’s Current has a very interesting business model. I\’ve always been a fan of user-generated content business models (at our most popular databases came from user submissions).

Current is turning user generated video into a broadcasting business. Co-founder Joel Hyatt predicts that in 5 years most of Current\’s content will be available on mobile devices such as cell phones and iPods.

Mark Cuban post on preloaded iPods

Mark Cuban has a great post on how nice it would be to be able to fill up mp3 players with 30-100 GB of great content and listen to our hearts content.

Not only is there a problem with the \”statutory mechanical royalty rate\” per song that makes this prohibitively expensive, but one of my companies tried to pre-load other content (audio books for which it has rights) onto iPods last year only to find that when customers configured the iPod for their computer system they lost everything that had been pre-installed.