Building a Mobile Content Business

In the early 90\’s, many CD ROM publishers did very well. The Bureau of Electronic Publishing had a catalog with thousands of popular titles.

In the late 90\’s, content migrated to the web. \”Content is King\” was the theme of many internet conferences. Many content companies did very well–some with advertising business models, some with ecommerce, and some with subscription business models.

In the future, the same content that drove CD ROM sales and mass adoption of the internet will migrate to cell phones and other portable devices.

International Yellow Pages

I heard a great story on NPR a couple weeks ago about a woman who was born in Afghanistan but raised in Australia. She visited Kabul earlier this year and discovered that there was no phone book or at least no yellow pages. (That kind of blows my mind–the population is more than 2 million!) She decided to do something about that and apparently is now publishing the first Kabul yellow pages, with more than 100,000 phone numbers listed (almost all cell phone numbers) from businesses and merchants.

Customers Help Define Business Model

I am fascinated by IT Conversations. This is an audio service using podcasting to deliver up to 140 megabytes of audio \”conversations\” daily with IT experts. The founder has a very useful service and apparently a large number of users.

Now he is asking for his customers to help him find a business model that will keep the service alive.