Coming Soon…

A million things have gotten in the way of my blogging during the last month. But I haven\’t completely disappeared. I\’m working on some lengthy and thoughtful posts about subscription business models, company culture, web site usability (and how overlooked it is), building community online, an update on Provo Labs incubator portfolio, and more. I have several in draft mode right now.

Google launches Google Talk; Skype gets aggressive

Since last year we have seen rumors about Google getting into the IM space and into the VOIP space. Today Google launched Google Talk,
(here\’s a news story)
an instant messaging client that incorporates voice as well. I searched
Google for \”Google Talk\” and I went to (just a guess)
and couldn\’t find anything. (They haven\’t pre-programmed their own
index for this launch–I wonder how long it will take for them to be #1

Skype Hits 100 Million Downloads

Another milestone for the distruptive VOIP company with headquarters in Luxembourg. They have also recently announced two more premium services, Skype Voicemail and SkypeIn.

As I have said many times before, the most powerful internet marketing tactic of all is to give away something valueable and free. Successful business models will then monetize the huge audience you attract with premium or add-on services or advertising revenue, a la Google.