Cold Showers Can Benefit Your Health

I hated what I read in the Harvard Business Review last Friday: Cold showers have health benefits. I’ve always ignored people who advocate taking cold showers. But how does one ignore this new study from the Netherlands? It involved thousands of volunteers. Conclusion: “This is the first high-level evidence showing that cold showers can benefitContinue reading “Cold Showers Can Benefit Your Health”

Liveblogging: OnDC ’09 Next Generation Education

Moderator: Saad Khan, Partner CMEA Ventures Panelists: Jose Ferreira, CEO Knewton; Jeff Shelstad, CEO Flat World Knowledge (new type of publisher that uses open source concepts for textbooks); Brian Jones, Senior Counsel, Dow Lohnes LLC (former general counsel of US Dept of Education.) Saad. Presumption is that education needs to be reformed. What are theContinue reading “Liveblogging: OnDC ’09 Next Generation Education”

The Amazon Kindle Could Dramatically Improve US Education

Today, Amazon announced the widely anticipated Kindle 2 with a ship date of February 24th. I immediately ordered one.  I bought my first Kindle in Dec 2007 and absolutely love it. As a frequent business traveller, I just bring my Kindle instead of packing half a dozen books with me. Usually I’ll buy a bookContinue reading “The Amazon Kindle Could Dramatically Improve US Education”

BYU eBusiness Lecture Series–2006

I accidentally saved this blog post in my \”drafts\” and I guess I never posted this entry about the BYU eBusiness Lecture Series for Fall 2006.

It\’s a bit late in the BYU semester now, but since Josh James of Omniture (the world\’s best web analytics company) is speaking today, and Brian Beutler in two weeks, and Matt Mossman in three, I thought I should still post this in case some PLA members or others from the general public, may want to attend.