Advice to Facebook: Time to Launch Operation Baby Come Back

Google started field testing Google+ last Tuesday. This has been very widely anticipated. Rumors have swirled for months about Google’s social strategy — what would it be, and when would it happen? Conventional wisdom has held for some time that Google is too geeky to get social right and that it is game over. ManyContinue reading “Advice to Facebook: Time to Launch Operation Baby Come Back”

Zuck is learning Mandarin–are you?

I read this morning that Mark Zuckerberg spends an hour a day studying Mandarin. I’m very impressed. What a great investment of his time! I’ve been considering doing this for several years now. Imagine how fluency in this language and familiarity with the Chinese culture might impact Facebook’s value and reach in the coming years.Continue reading “Zuck is learning Mandarin–are you?”

“That was the coolest assignment I have ever done”

Alex Lawrence (CMO of teaches an internet marketing class at Weber State University. (Marketing 4200). It’s currently in its second semester. In addition to teaching himself, Alex brings guest lecturers in to address topics such as online analytics, social media, and search engine marketing. His guest lecturers include entrepreneurs and marketers like Cydni TetroContinue reading ““That was the coolest assignment I have ever done””

Who Will Actually Quit Facebook Over Privacy Issues?

There is a lot of media coverage about the high-profile people who are quitting Facebook and some surveys claim that up to 60% of Facebook users may quit Facebook over the recent privacy issues. I am very skeptical of surveys like this and so I decided to run my own survey on We have beenContinue reading “Who Will Actually Quit Facebook Over Privacy Issues?”

This Week: Ancestry IPO, FamilyLink Goes Viral, Navigating Facebook Platform Changes

This week is going to be amazing. Possibly, the most interesting week of my career. I’ll explain. is slated to go public on Wednesday. I always dreamed of being part of that IPO, but I’ve been out of the company (7 years) longer than I was in the company (6 years). But my excitementContinue reading “This Week: Ancestry IPO, FamilyLink Goes Viral, Navigating Facebook Platform Changes”

FamilyLink Climbs Facebook Developer Leaderboard

Sorted by Monthly Active Users   Name DAU MAU Daily Growth 1. Zynga 47,142,368 161,442,415 1.11 2. Playfish 12,136,211 57,661,305 -0.04 3. RockYou! 2,493,761 41,616,918 -1.41 4. Facebook 11,868,141 32,375,076 -0.26 5. Causes 2,135,480 31,881,017 0.72 6. Slide, Inc. 1,234,691 24,757,153 -0.05 7. 1,266,743 22,096,540 0.72 8. SlashKey 5,830,463 18,709,422 -0.08 9. 3happybytes 549,065Continue reading “FamilyLink Climbs Facebook Developer Leaderboard”

Oh My Gosh, Facebook Is For Families

On Feb. 2nd, InsideFacebook reported that the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women over 55.  In just the past 120 days, usage of Facebook by women over 55 has grown by an astonishing 175.3%. Our team at is particularly excited as social networks attract older users because our mission is to connect familiesContinue reading “Oh My Gosh, Facebook Is For Families”

Top 25 Facebook App and Hybrid Business Models

I remember when I first learned about, and was the 4th person to sign up for it in Utah County. Soon I got into a competition with two friends to see who could end up with the most (real) connections. I finally won that competition, but we all ended up with hundreds of connections. But I remember when one of my friends knew they were losing on the connections number that they claimed to be winning on "endorsements." They changed their key metric, so that they could claim that they had actually won.

Becoming a Top 1,000 Web Property

Yesterday we set two traffic records. had more than 36,000 unique visitors–6,000 higher than our two previous best days, earlier in April. And We\’re Related on Facebook had more than 105,000 daily active users.

One of the best parts about being an internet entrepreneur is how immediately your actions translate into measureable results. Our team members are working hard on search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing campaigns, and improving our affiliate marketing program. As each channel improves, the overall cumulative results are exciting.

Does Brand Loyalty Come From Family Word of Mouth?

During nearly 20 years of marriage I think on two or three occasions my wife and I have discussed the laundry detergent that she uses. As a pragmatist, I have often come across less expensive generic detergents, which she refuses to use. I can\’t even get her to try anything else, even once!