Social Networking Strategy for Utah Companies

I recently organized a Facebook group called Utah CEOs with a Facebook Strategy. Now I wish I had named it better. It should be something like Utah Executives who Have or Want to Have a Social Networking Strategy. The first event had more than 30 attendees. One of them blogged a summary of the Facebook Strategy lunch that we held this week, and said it was very worthwhile.

Facebook Strategy Lunch for Utah Executives

I organized a Facebook Group for Utah CEOs who have a Facebook strategy or want to develop one. I wish I could change the name of the Facebook Group, but Facebook doesn\’t allow that. I can see why. What if someone set up a group called \”Mothers Against Drunk Driving\” and got a million members, and then arbitrarily decided to change the name of the group to \”We Love Beer.\” The creator of a group can control a lot of things, but can\’t change the name after people have joined it.

My New Personal Facebook Strategy

I have been a serious user of social networks since joining LinkedIn several years ago–the fourth person in Utah to join, as I recall. My friend Michael Tanne, now CEO of, turned me onto it. Of my 858 connections, I think I personally know about 98% of them. I have turned down a ton of connection requests because I really did want to be part of a trusted network.

CES 2008–For Me, It’s About Facebook

I\’m in Las Vegas for CES 2008. Last night on my drive from Provo I listened to some podcasts in the Stanford Entrepreneur Lecture Series. (You can download them for free from iTunes or from Stanford\’s web site.) The most interesting was Mark Zuckerberg\’s talk 2 years ago when Facebook had 5 million users and was still limited to authenticated college students and invited high school students.