Switching to Gmail

Yahoo has just lost me as a Yahoo Mail customer. I\’ve been a paying customer for their premium email for a couple of years now. But they kill me. Lately, even when I am sending a single email to someone that I know, Yahoo Mail forces me to enter a CAPTCHA sequence before they will send my email. How could they possibly force me to do this?

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Amazon to sell branded mp3 players pre-loaded with content?

Now this could be very interesting…a low-cost subscription model for a player with pre-loaded content. That is exactly where I\’ve wanted to go with LDSAudio.com and mp3books.com. If Amazon does it first for the mass market, hopefully it will pave the way for us to do this in smaller, niche markets where we like to play.

Rivals circle as BlackBerry firm faces patent woes – Business – International Herald Tribune

Rivals circle as BlackBerry firm faces patent woes – Business – International Herald Tribune

An excerpt:

RIM controls 60 percent of the mobile e-mail market, estimated at about 10 million users by Strategy Analytics, a research firm based in Boston. Its closest competitor is Intellisync, owned by Nokia, which has about 9 percent of the market.

Your Content Everywhere

Sling Media raised another $46 million to make your home entertainment content accessible wherever you travel.

I wonder what this means to Orb Networks, which I first saw at Always On in 2005, which also offers a way to access your home PC content (including TV) on your internet-connected PDA or mobile phone.

Here\’s an Alexa chart that shows how much web site traffic these companies are generating:

Music Kiosks

At CES I saw something about a music kiosk that allows anyone to record audio CDs or download audio content to their mp3 player at a retail location.

Early on at LDS Audio we explored pre-loading iPods with audio content, but we found that the pre-loaded content would be erased when someone hooked up their iPod to their own computer and registered it.

CES update

This is the Best CES I\’ve ever attended. I\’m blown away by how rapidly technology is changing everything I\’ve ever known about media, both mass media and my own content.

We are entering a world where anyone can produce audio and video programming and actually get it into the hands of consumers on any device.