History blogs

About a month ago I was reminded that many famous people in history are overlooked these days in our public discourse. The best ideas from the past are often ignored. Our modern culture doesn\’t integrate them into our media, and even some history textbooks devote more space to celebrities like Madonna than to important leaders like George Washington. Sex sells. History doesn\’t.

So I decided that maybe hundreds or thousands of historic figures should become bloggers, or that someone should start blogging on their behalf, using their own words.

Web 0.01 – Engelbart\’s 1968 oNLine system being built in 2006! | Web 2.0 Explorer | ZDNet.com

Web 0.01 – Engelbart\’s 1968 oNLine system being built in 2006! | Web 2.0 Explorer | ZDNet.com

I just noticed ZDNet is recruiting a lot of new bloggers and they are promising to pay for consistent quality writing.

Also, this post about Doug Engelbart is really fascinating. I got my start in the computer industry in 1988 when my brother Curt hired me at Folio. He had been attending hypertext conferences for a few years and I read all transcripts from those conferences and so I became familiar with the pioneers in this space, including Engelbart. (This is also where I first became acquainted with Jakob Nielsen, now a world renowed web usability expert. He was big in the hypertext world.) So I\’m interested in following the new Hyperscope project that has NSF funding and a blog to go along with it.

CES update

This is the Best CES I\’ve ever attended. I\’m blown away by how rapidly technology is changing everything I\’ve ever known about media, both mass media and my own content.

We are entering a world where anyone can produce audio and video programming and actually get it into the hands of consumers on any device.

San Francisco 1906, New Orleans 2005

It\’s hard to think about anything these days but the thousands of
people who perished in the hurricane and floods and the 1.5 million
people who have been displaced whose lives are permanently disrupted.

Today I\’ve been inspired by reading an article written 99 years ago in
the aftermath of the great San Francisco earthquake and fire. This was
the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States up until
that time.

Please read this and pass it along, if you think it can give us some hope and a new perspective.

Treasures at Your Local Business Library

I have often felt that librarians are among the most underrated and underappreciated professionals in the U.S. The reference librarians that I have known over the years are among the most intelligent people I\’ve met. They don\’t know everything, but they usually know where to find anything–and fast!