$100 Laptops, $2500 Cars

In this morning\’s post I mentioned low cost cars coming from India. Today Business Week reported that Ratan Tata\’s new $2,500 car, called the Nano, is being met with \”extreme enthusiasm\” and is going to put India on the map in the auto world. CrunchGear indicates that Tata plans to introduce the Nano to other low income areas like Africa and South America in the next four years.

Genealogy in India

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that World Vital Records\’ India page ranks #3 in MSN for "india genealogy." I\’m still trying to convince FundingUniverse.com to roll out 6 regional web sites in India, as suggested by an Indian entrepreneur who explained to me how startup funding might naturally happen in that country. I don\’t know if I\’ve blogged about it, but 3 years ago I read "India Unbound" by the first venture capitalist in India, Gurcharan Das. It is an absolutely incredible look at the economic revolution that has been occuring in India since 1991. I am very optimistic about the future of India, which will be the world\’s most populated country by about 2030.