When I Need Help With PPC

A recent MarketingSherpa report shows that more than half of online sales at high-growth e-commerce sites come from search engine marketing (that includes PPC and SEO). Here\’s a quote:

According to MarketingSherpa 2006 study data, high-growth ecommerce sites get 19% of their overall traffic from search engine optimization (SEO) and 32% from paid search ads. That\’s 51% of ecommerce site traffic driven by a handful of search engines.

Marketing Training with RoMay

My sister is one smart cookie. She has helped me with data prep projects since the early 90s and has built web sites for me and done internet marketing for me. When I need help, I can turn to her. One site she built for 10x Marketing generated $7,000 in revenue just a couple months after it was built–and with no extra maintenance.

So now RoMay is doing marketing training classes, emphasizing internet marketing. She was one of my top students in my BYU Internet Marketing class last fall. (I think she got 100% on almost evey quiz.) She is outstanding.

Provo Lab\’s Eleven Bets

So in the past 7 months, Provo Labs has started or invested in 11 companies. It\’s been a bit wild.

So for the next 6 months at least, we are going to stop investing and incubating new ideas and focus 100% of our energies on helping our current portfolio with revenue growth, with the goal of getting each company to cash flow positive without any additional investment from Provo Labs.

YouTube hailed as advertising medium of the future – vnunet.com

YouTube hailed as advertising medium of the future – vnunet.com

My next Connect magazine article will focus on the power of online video in marketing and advertising. (I\’ve been working on it today.) So I was glad to discover this article quoting Leo Burnett\’s Chief Creative Officer saying YouTube is the ideal advertising platform of the future.

WebEvident Offers PPC Management

WebEvident, one of Provo Labs portfolio companies, provides SEO technology that is used by companies around the world to manage their keyword optimization strategies and improve their search engine rankings. But recently we\’ve added Analytics Based PPC Management to the mix of services.

Changing domain names–learning the hard way

On April 11th I blogged about how after 2 1/2 years of blogging on http://www.infobaseventures.com/blog/ I finally changed domain names and made the switch to http://www.paulallen.net.

We thought we switched domains in a smart way to preserve our search engine traffic.

I congratulated my team on helping me use permanent 301 redirects so that Google would find my new site and I wouldn\’t lose any traffic or pagerank.

Huge increase in Provo Labs traffic

I\’m not sure what is happening, but Provo Labs web site traffic has jumped dramatically. I\’m guessing it is because we now aggregate all the blogs from all our employees and portfolio companies on our Provo Labs Planet. I just spent 10 minutes reading posts from the last week or so was amazed at how smart all those Provo Labs people are.

Infopia raises $8 million

Congratulations to Infopia for closing on an $8 million funding round from Hummer Winblad and Trident Capital. Infopia is an ecommerce platform that helps customers get their products onto sites such as eBay, Amazon, Google, Overstock, Shopzilla and others. Bjorn Espenes and his partners have made some very powerful breakthroughs in e-commerce automation. This funding round is great to see.


Justin Bergener (a Junto Benjamin winner and former student of mine) has launched VIPbloggers.com and is already selling promotional spots. This site could become a very popular blogging directory, so that $10 for six months would be a great deal. Hey, it\’s worth it just to see your own picture popup as your scroll over the pixels. Plus, Justin is a really nice guy.

Please sign up and help him out.