Demographic Targeting on Google and MSNGoogle Adds Demographic Targeting to

Google has added general demographic information to AdWords according to Media Buyer Planner. Demo targeting is the biggest thing that has happened in Search Engine Marketing in years.

Here\’s the link:

Google Adds Demographic Targeting to AdWords

Google Buys Radio Ad Company, To Enable Online Purchase of Radio Spots

Google is experimenting with print ads, and now makes this very significant acquistion in the radio advertising space. I believe the time will come that marketers will be able to reach virtually any audience, in virtually any medium, by using a Google service to purchase placement for their ad.

Keyword Density Tool in Firefox

I just discovered a new feature of Firefox that I love. You can right click on any web page and choose \”Show Keyword Density\” and type in any keyword or phrase, and instantly see a nice keyword density report that covers Title, Meta keywords, Body, Headers, Links, Bold, and Meta description.

Having this functionality embedded in the browser will be a real time saver for SEO-saavy web designers and copywriters. Kudos to the person that added this feature to Firefox.

BYU Internet Marketing Student Projects

My 44 BusM 457 students gave class reports today on the 18 pay-per-click campaigns that they ran this semester for businesses. I was very impressed.

Almost all the student teams had prepared effective powerpoint slides which included how they approached their projects, how they brainstormed and chose keywords, and how they started running ads, using analytics, and then optimizing the campaigns.

Many of them showed actual click through rates and even conversion rates, since they had worked with the business webmasters to put tracking codes on the sites.

Netflix: subscription marketing machine

A nice article by Motley
Fool talks about how Netflix lowered prices in the past year to stave
off competition from Walmart and Blockbuster. They will reach 4 million
subs by the end of this year and project more than 5.5 million by the
end of next year. Next year they will generate almost $1 billion in
revenue. Impressive.

Netflix has one of the best online marketing machines out there. They
are everywhere. Entrepreneurs and students of internet marketing would
do well to study all the ways Netflix markets their services.

Seth Godin Live

Last Thursday in New York I heard Seth Godin
in person for the first time. I\’ve been learning from him for many
years, ever since I read \”Permission Marketing,\” which is still my
favorite Seth Godin book — a must read for anyone doing business in
the age of web sites and email.

I like a lot of things about Seth. For one, he is a family man. A
friend of mine tried to get him to speak at a Utah convention, but he
rarely travels west of the Mississippi — it takes him away from his
family for too long. I really enjoyed his presentation.

Best Practices in Email

I\’m always amazed when I see studies that show that the majority of marketers are not doing things right.

Most companies don\’t understand search engine marketing; most don\’t use
web analytics well. But the numbers reported by Silverpop surprised me,
because email marketing has been around for so long. I thought more
retailers would be using it effectively.

Most marketers don\’t use common email features such as
personalization, dynamic content and advanced layout/design, according
to Phase II of Silverpop\’s \”2005 Retail Email Marketing Study,\” which Takeaways

Last week held their annual
conference in Las Vegas. This week it\’s the Electronic Retailing
Association, same place. If you haven\’t been to an internet conference
recently, it\’s amazing how big things are getting and how fast things
are moving.

I visited every exhibitor at the event last and met at least a
dozen companies that I hadn\’t heard of before that are doing
interesting things in online marketing, comparison shopping, search,
and web analytics.

Here are a few impressions: