This Week: Ancestry IPO, FamilyLink Goes Viral, Navigating Facebook Platform Changes

This week is going to be amazing. Possibly, the most interesting week of my career. I’ll explain. is slated to go public on Wednesday. I always dreamed of being part of that IPO, but I’ve been out of the company (7 years) longer than I was in the company (6 years). But my excitementContinue reading “This Week: Ancestry IPO, FamilyLink Goes Viral, Navigating Facebook Platform Changes”

It\’s Scary That Yahoo Finance is Wrong

A couple days ago I blogged about Omniture\’s (OMTR) market cap being half that of Web Side Story (WSSI). I based my blog post on Yahoo Finance. They put Omniture\’s market cap at $102.7 million today. Fortunately, two of my readers have commented that Yahoo Finance was wrong. The number of outstanding shares is not 14 million, but 40-50 million.

Shutterfly Files for IPO

A few highlights from the Shutterfly S-1:

  • $83.9 million in revenue last year with net income of $28.9 million (But $24 million was from a one-time tax benefit recognized in Q4 2005. The revenue growth is strong year over year.
  • They have stored more than 900 million customer photos in their archives.
  • They have sold 300 million prints in 11 million customer orders.
  • 84% of their customers are female.
  • This is a bit surprising to me.

Omniture IPO!

I\’m so happy for everyone associated with Omniture for successfully completing its IPO today. The shares opened at $6.50 and ended the day up slightly at $6.53 per share. Visit Yahoo Finance for more. This high tech IPO is a big deal for Utah, which needs more IPOs. And Omniture now has a war chest to help it maintain its leadership position in the web analytics space.

Most August IPOs (30) in Five Years

This morning I woke up with three ideas that I believe could be
developed and sold to one of the major search engines within the next
three years. I started wondering if the best exit strategy for an
internet based startup these days is to position yourself to be
acquired by Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft. And maybe even eBay. There is
so much capital in these companies and they all seem to be anxious to
do acquisitions. And the IPO market has seemed so sleepy for so long. IPO has raised more than $124 million in its IPO, pricing shares at $18, after upping its range to $16-18. The Israel-based company is the 4th largest shopping destination online. It had $42 million in revenue and $3.8 million in net income during the first six months of 2004.

I read yesterday that all Internet IPOs this year are trading above their opening price. It\’s definitely survival of the fittest.