Marketers Note: Most Traffic to Popular US Web Sites is International

A new Comscore study shows that most traffic to U.S. ad-based web sites comes from outside of the U.S. It reports that 89.1% of Google\’s page views come from international visitors. This is actually pretty staggering. All online marketers need to focus more on geographic targeting.

Answer: Yes

I asked the question in my last post, \”Will Compete\’s toolbar become an essential tool for internet marketers.\” After 15 minutes with the tool, and after watching the excellent Flash presentation about what this service aims to do, I answer with a resounding, \”Yes!\”

My favorite slide in the Flash presentation was this:

Will Compete’s Toolbar become an Essential Tool For Internet Marketers?

Bill Gross, one of the world\’s most prolific entrepreneurs and an inspiration to me for more than 10 years, officially launched today. (See the Alexa Chart for

I just downloaded the Compete toolbar. The graphics indicates that 2 million people are already sharing their clicks so that we can all know better what sites are popular and what sites we can trust.

Apple PC market sharing growing fast

Sales of Apple\’s Macintosh computers over the past twelve month\’s have grown faster than any other major PC manufacturer, boosting the company\’s share of the U.S. PC market to 6.1 percent, according to data released by Gartner on Wednesday …

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Every day I see more and more signs that Apple is gaining momentum with its PC sales. The iPod is giving Apple momentum and I think leading to more PC sales. And Mac lovers are coming out in the open and boldly telling the rest of us to get a clue.

Smartphone Sales: Blackberry #1, Palm #2

I still like Blackberry best, but if they completely walk away from their traditional keyboard, the exact one I have been using since 1999, I may be tempted to follow a lot of my colleagues and try out a Treo. I won\’t switch to any new smart phone or PDA unless I can type 50+ words per minute on it. I\’ve tried the newer Blackberry keyboards and they are miserable.

Maybe I\’ll use my Blackberry 7290 for the next 10 years the way one of my friends still uses his HP Jornada with DOS from about 1992 for searching the scriptures. He says there has never been anything better…

US Market Mobile Content Will More Than Triple by 2010

If you run a business with an internet strategy, hopefully you\’ve started thinking about a mobile strategy as well. You need to skate where the puck is going and not where it has been.

IDC estimates that 24 million US mobile phone users will pay for some kind of TV/Video content or services by 2010, up from 7 million this year. That is a sizeable market share. And it will only get bigger.

Steve Jobs Was Right; I Was Wrong — I Wanna Own My Music

Because I was highly involved in the online content subscription business of in the late 90s and early 00s, I thought I was pretty smart. When Apple jumped into the music industry with its iPod and iTunes service, I thought they were pretty smart, but I also thought that everyone else ganging up on Apple would cause a big dent in its music business, and that eventually the iPod would go the way of the Mac, and end up with a relatively small market share. I especially thought Steve Jobs was wrong when he said customers wanted to own their own music and not rent it.

Content Spending Reaches $2B

Content Spending Reaches $2B, Q4 a Record $534MM

Downloadable music and video purchases helped propel U.S. consumer spending on content to $2 billion in 2005, a 15 percent increase from 2004, writes MediaPost, citing new research by the Online Publishers Association. In 4Q05, spending reached $534 million – a record, and 13 percent more than the $472 million in 3Q04.

Global digital music sales triple to US$1.1 billion in 2005 as new market takes shape

Global digital music sales triple to US$1.1 billion in 2005 as new market takes shape

I saw articles previously that suggested ring tones alone were a multibillion dollar industry. NPR and Tim Bajarin both reported that.

But this new study, a free 24-page PDF download, suggests a far lower number for global music and ringtone sales.