Infobase Ventures Mentoring Services

Yesterday I met with another passionate entrepreneur trying to get her business off the ground. With more than 500 daily readers of my blog, and with my other writing and speaking opportunities, I am getting more requests for mentoring from entrepreneurs than I can handle.

So I\’m raising the bar.

One of my friends raised the bar by charging a high monthly retainer if someone really wants his help. That way, he gets paid for his time, and the entrepreneur really listens to his advice–because it\’s not free.

Press Releases and Strategy

I advise CEOs to personally craft their company strategy. My favorite way to do this is not to write a 20 page document that no one will ever read, but simply to make a list of all the press release headlines they hope to issue during the next two years. What key announcements do they hope to make? Partnerships? Key Hires? Revenue Growth Announcements? Funding Events?

You can do this in a few hours.

One exercise Stephen Covey uses is to have you write your own obituary–what do you hope is said about you when you pass on?–and then you try to live your life accordingly.

Infobase Media Corp Closes Series A Investment Round

Infobase Media Corp, parent of, today announced that it has raised $1.15 million to develop content offerings (electronic text, audio and video) for multiple markets.

The company has a great team, a great vision of aggregating content and delivering it in multiple media formats to online consumers. The company has already begun publishing religious content in text and audio formats; additional niche markets will be announced later.

Learning on Location: from anywhere

From, May 18th:

Technologists have long dreamed of a clickable world, where machine-readable tags link physical objects to the universe of information on the Web. That dream came closer to reality this month with the release of Semacode, a free system that lets camera phones convert bar codes into URLs.

From Smart Mobs by Howard Reingold (pp. 91-93), a must-read book.