Wiki Developer Wanted

If you have ever created a successful public Wiki before, or know someone who has, please let me know.

There is an interesting early American genealogy data collection that could come to life if it were used to seed a Wiki. The owners of the data were intrigued when I shared with them the amazing success of, the open source encyclopedia that is poised to eat Britannica\’s lunch, and they wanted me to ask my readers: are there any volunteers who could help set up a Wiki for them?

Open Source CRM Application Company Gets Funding

Draper, Fisher, Jurvetson (DFJ), my favorite VC firm, has just invested $2 million in SugarCRM Inc., an open source developer of CRM software. The company was formed earlier this year by three experienced Silicon Valley execs. Using open source development, they are launching their first commercial CRM application in record time.

\”In less than two months SugarCRM has had over 6,500 downloads of its software and over 100,000 visitors to its open source project and websites.\”

Dell Systems Shipping with Lindows OS in Europe (Linux)

Dell will be selling and supporting Lindows-based PCs in Europe. Bill Gates must be increasingly worried; so Microsoft is dropping prices in Europe and promising more and more service for Windows users. Long term, Linux operating systems will begin to make a huge dent in Microsoft\’s desktop market share.

Time Conflicts: Productivity vs. Retooling

As a start-up company, the technology bets you make can sometimes make or break your company.

Back in 1990 when I co-founded Infobases, we bet that the Folio VIEWs search engine would help us create better CD-ROM products for our customers than other search engines like AskSam, WordCruncher, or Dataware. Our bet was a good one. Folio VIEWs was perfect for us. Our develop costs were low; our royalties were reasonable; and our customers loved our products. Within a few years we were generating nearly $4 million in revenue.

Installing Radio UserLand on Godaddy

I\’m struggling to install Radio UserLand 8.08 on my GoDaddy server. I\’m determined to start actively blogging, but configuring this blogging software has been a bit problematic. I\’m pretty decent with some technical things like software, but not server/hosting related stuff. So the world renowned blogger Phil Windley has offered to help me. My blog works, but my page is missing a few Radio UserLand images so 3 links at the bottom of the page look broken. I tried to email Radio UserLand support my configuration so they could troubleshoot for me, but I got an STMP error while attempting to do so. It\’s one thing after another.

So I think I\’ll just blog and let the links look broken until Phil helps me out.