“That was the coolest assignment I have ever done”

Alex Lawrence (CMO of FundingUniverse.com) teaches an internet marketing class at Weber State University. (Marketing 4200). It’s currently in its second semester. In addition to teaching himself, Alex brings guest lecturers in to address topics such as online analytics, social media, and search engine marketing. His guest lecturers include entrepreneurs and marketers like Cydni TetroContinue reading ““That was the coolest assignment I have ever done””

Google May Provide Query Volumes Soon

The blogosphere is going nuts over the possibility that Google will be providing monthly query volume by keyword. This is something that Goto.com/Overture/Yahoo Search Marketing has provided for years, but inventory.overture.com has been unreliable for some time. And Yahoo only has a minority of the overall search traffic.

Pay Per Click Marketing Credits: $50 from Ask.com, $300 from LookSmart

My most popular post in the past six months was the one last week about getting a $200 in pay-per-click advertising credit from MSN.com if you sign up for a new account (which costs $5.)

I had record traffic numbers for three days.

So, being the fast learner that I am, I figure that I should give my readers more of what they want. So I\’ll keep looking for money-saving offers and credits from online advertisers who want more business.

Get $200 in PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising Credits From MSN

My friend Dave Martin sent me a link to a Microsoft web page that offers $200 worth of clicks from MSN AdCenter if you sign up between now and January 15, 2007. There is a $5 fee to get an account.

MSN AdCenter Home Page
$200 free offer page

I would like to think that 1,000 of my readers will each pay $5 to get an MSN AdCenter account. Microsoft will make $5,000. And my readers will get $200,000 worth of free PPC.

Google Click to Play Video Ads

It\’s hard to stay current as an internet marketer. There are new options and channels to test every week. I quiz my BYU students every week on all the MarketingVOX headlines for the week, and literally every week there are new ways to spend online advertising dollars. The question is, which new channels and tactics will be profitable, and which will be a waste of time?

Landing Page Tools

As important as it is to increase clickthroughs from your Google/Yahoo/MSN keyword campaigns by using Dynamic Keyword Insertion, it is even more important to match each one of those ads with a customized landing page that will maximize your conversion rate.

Here\’s a good article that lists 11 things you can do to improve your landing pages.

7 Times More Clicks from your Google AdWords Campaign

Janet Meiners posted today about Google\’s Dynamic Keyword Insertion. Using it she increased her company\’s Google paid clicks by seven times in one month, without increasing her keyword bid prices. She and I both learned this fantastic technique from Jim Ericson (now a VP at Move Networks, another innovative Utah company). If you are doing paid search marketing, you can\’t live without this technique. Thanks, Jim.