Free Podcast Upload Sites

We got permission the other day to take an 8 minute audio clip from the internet radio show interview that I did last week and share it with our audience. Kory Meyerink of Family Roots Radio and I discussed our new social network for family history. They have an archived version of the interview on their web site.

Best Entrepreneur Lecture Series Online

My favorite collection of entrepreneur lectures is from Stanford University\’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series. I highly recommended downloading these from iTunes or listening to them while you work. You can find scores of incredibly valuable lectures here. One of my favorite\’s is a recent lecture by Reid Hoffman, founder and Chairman of

The best online collection of interviews with startup entrepreneurs is probably at There are 167 so far.

2 great podcasts: Robert Scoble and Gil Penchina

This past week I\’ve listened to an excellent podcast featuring famous blogger Robert Scoble, who just left Microsoft to join Judd Bagley did a great interview. You learn how Robert\’s background in journalism has positioned him to be a major player in the blogging and podcasting movements and how his father\’s relocating to Silicon Valley gave him phenomenal opportunities, even while he was in junior high or high school.