Senator Clinton Hires Experienced BLogger

The New York Times reports that Senator Clinton\’s campaign has hired an experienced political blogger. The 2008 Presidential Election is going to heat up the blogosphere in the next two years. But I\’m really afraid most of the candidates won\’t actually do it right. I\’m afraid they\’ll try to use the web as a top-down communication tool, and not a giant listening device and organizing device that actually empowers citizens to be involved in government.

Blog Promotes Mitt Romney in 2008

I recently found a great blog promoting Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate for 2008. Mitt and his team saved the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympics from financial disaster. As Governor of Massachusetts he has not only helped the state go from major deficits to a budget surplus, but he is vigiliant about helping the state stay out of the red. He vetoed $290 million in spending just this past week.

Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr.

I just filled out a survey to tell the future governor of Utah what I think should be done to create a good business environment in the state of Utah. I\’m glad politicians are using the internet to get feedback. I hope it becomes an essential part of governing.

I wish Utah didn\’t treat capital gains as normal income, for taxation purposes. Utah shouldn\’t make it tempting to move to Nevada before selling one\’s company.

But for the record, my major concern about Utah is not economic–it\’s education. According to the 2001 Manhattan Institute report, Utah is in 49th place — trailing Hawaii only — in education freedom. The report explains:

How the Internet Will Affect Politics and Government

I finished Joe Trippi\’s book last night, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Democracy, the Internet, and the Overthrow of Everything. I marked hundreds of passages and dog-eared dozens of pages. This is one man\’s insider view of how the Dean campaign revolutionized political campaigns forever, but more importantly, how \”open source\” politics will finally overthrow the top-down broadcast politics system we\’ve been living with in the age of television.


I\’m working with a team on an experimental political web site called We\’ve done a soft launch and are getting some traffic from Google. There are big plans for this site (inspired by the Dean campaign,,, and other cool and effective political sites) and motivated by a love for the greatest democratic nation in the history of the world, and a hope to keep it that way.

Top Candidate Web Sites, December 2003

I hadn\’t seen this Comscore list of candidate political web sites until today. I\’m compiling a list of the 100 most popular political web sites, not just candidate or party sites, but issue and advocacy sites of all kinds. Since I no longer have a subscription to, I have to create my list the hard way. But in the process I stumble upon all kinds of interesting sites and ideas. So maybe it\’s worth it.

Top Political Web Sites

As we prepare to launch, a political web site service whose mission is to help every citizen get actively involved in self-government (\”let your vote count every day\” is our slogan), we are seriously researching all existing political web sites to see which sites are getting the most traffic. I have been analyzing dozens of the top sites and just built a web page showing the internet traffic levels for a few of the top political web sites. I\’ll be adding more later.