My new Google Co-Op search engine

This week Google introduced a stunningly simple and powerful new service: anyone can now create their own custom search engine for personal or public use.

Each of us can choose the sites that we want to include in our own person Google search engine, and we can share in the advertising revenue that will come if other people use our engine.

Information Week article.

\”Marissa Mayer, vice-president of search products and user experience, said it was the most significant launch that Google would announce in the final months of this year. By letting companies and individuals build their own specialised search engines, it will also create competition for the many new “vertical” search products that have recently been launched on the web, she added.\” — Financial Times.

Internet stock investors: Bambi on Google

If I were an active investor in internet stocks, I would read everything that Bambi Francisco has to say, especially about the large internet companies. She has amazing prescience. I\’ve been reading her for columns for years. Today she has an excellent post at AlwaysOn.

Google Click to Play Video Ads

It\’s hard to stay current as an internet marketer. There are new options and channels to test every week. I quiz my BYU students every week on all the MarketingVOX headlines for the week, and literally every week there are new ways to spend online advertising dollars. The question is, which new channels and tactics will be profitable, and which will be a waste of time?

Coming Soon…

A million things have gotten in the way of my blogging during the last month. But I haven\’t completely disappeared. I\’m working on some lengthy and thoughtful posts about subscription business models, company culture, web site usability (and how overlooked it is), building community online, an update on Provo Labs incubator portfolio, and more. I have several in draft mode right now.

Big Databases on Your Site

Provo Labs will soon announce a distributed search engine system that will enable hundreds of web sites to \”host\” massive databases (like Wikipedia, Edgar filings, dictionaries, reference and travel data, legal data, images collections, and more) on their own sites, with just a few minutes of setup.

We believe this will enable web sites (such as universities, schools and libraries as well as consumer web sites) to keep their site visitors longer and attract more visitors as well. One of our approaches will also help web sites share revenue with us. So there are multiple benefits.

Google gets into word processing! | 03/10/2006 | With word processing acquistion, Google edges onto Microsoft turf

I thought this was coming. I see no reason why Google won\’t have a web version of all the Microsoft Office apps within the next year or so. We won\’t need a desktop OS or Office Suite when Google offers all the functionality we need online. (And for free!)

Demographic Targeting on Google and MSNGoogle Adds Demographic Targeting to

Google has added general demographic information to AdWords according to Media Buyer Planner. Demo targeting is the biggest thing that has happened in Search Engine Marketing in years.

Here\’s the link:

Google Adds Demographic Targeting to AdWords

Peter Norvig from Google speaking at BYU twice tomorrow

Peter Norvig, Google\’s Search Quality Director, is speaking Thursday the 9th of March (2006) at the BYU Family History Tech conference at 8:15 am ($60 admission for the day) and Phil Windley says he\’s doing a CS colloquium Thursday at 11:00 am. Don\’t miss this rare opportunity.