Google Page Creator

Google Introduces Web Page Creator

You can visit to sign up for a simple web page creation tool. You get 100 MB of free storage space for whatever web pages you build. Google hosts them for free also.

I tried to sign up, but they\’ve already limited access during the beta test period.

With thousands of employees at Google spending 20% of their time working on a pet project, we will continue to see new services rolling out of Google like a flood.

Google Growth to Come From Traditional Media

Google Growth to Come From Traditional Media

Google\’s growth was slower than projected and their stock is getting hammered today, but the company is promising to generate future revenue growth by expanding its advertising reach into traditional advertising channels. So much for \”focus on search.\”

So who are the best candidates you know out there to be the next Google, the next leader in providing the best search results?

Has anyone got a list of say the top 100 search engines according to Comscore or Hitwise?

Google on a Slippery Slope

I\’ve always loved the purity of the Google vision to provide fast access to all the world\’s information. The Google team has always seemed to care more about the user experience than about making money.

But today I glimpsed something that scares me and makes me wonder who is in charge at Google anymore. The pioneers who built the search engine were purists. But the settlers who are being hired at Google by the hundreds are probably more driven by making money than anything else.

Google Buys Radio Ad Company, To Enable Online Purchase of Radio Spots

Google is experimenting with print ads, and now makes this very significant acquistion in the radio advertising space. I believe the time will come that marketers will be able to reach virtually any audience, in virtually any medium, by using a Google service to purchase placement for their ad.

Google Seals AOL Deal

It\’s official: Google is investing $1 billion in AOL and getting a five year extension on their contract to provide paid search results to the AOL network. So Google will remain by far the most important starting point for search engine marketers, probably for some time to come.

Microsoft\’s AdCenter will provide better demographic targeting for advertisers in the near term (when it launches) but Microsoft will have to build its search traffic for this to matter very much.